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"Shift schedule": Organizing committee participation

The monthly event organizers should feel responsible for planning and organizing the event, this includes sending out email notifications, updating the web-page, determining the format and location of the event, purchasing foods and drinks, setting everything up, and stay till the end to make sure we leave the area the way we found it (clean and tidy).
Note! For 2 persons this might seem like a lot, but keep it simple and plan well ahead:

  • Get some of your friends or colleages to help out too! They'll be happy to be asked! ;-)
  • We have two dedicated location hunters, use them!
  • We also have a web-master (but anyone should be able to add information to the web-page).
  • Talk to previous organizers and BABAR management to get tips on what needs to be done.
Start planning a month ahead of time, particularly if you want to get approval for serving alcohol.
If you're signed up but unable to organize this event, make sure you swap with someone or find a substitute.
The Coordinator should remind the organizers well ahead of time, and help find backup organizers if needed.
Here's a list of volunteers for this years monthly events. 
We will try to make an automatic web-signup form which makes 
"shift exchanges" easier, but till then we'll have to do with 
this hand-edited table...: 

Committee member taskVolunteer
Coordinator: Chih-hsiang Cheng
Web-master: Silke Nelson
Location Hunters: Carsten Hast
Wells Wulsin
Monthly event organizers: May 2009 Ingrid Ofte
Francois Le Diberder
June 2009 Jose Benitez
Steve Sekula
July 2009 Wenfeng Wang
David Aston
August 2009 David Leith
Bill Wisniewski
September 2009 Arafat Gabareen Mokhtar
Martin Kocian
October 2009 Andy Ruland
Alfonso Joel Martinez
November 2009 Ray Cowan
Nicole Ackerman
December 2009 Owen Long
Alessandro Gaz
Sign-up sheet for next year coming soon!