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BBR Social Events

Last updated: 18 November, 2009

This web-page contains information on upcoming BABAR Social Events!

Organizing committee

These events are organized by volunteer "shifters", 2-3 persons each month. Check out the "shift schedule"!
There might always be need for more help.... let the organizers know if you're interested in contributing.

Ideas for future meetings and lessons learned, Notes from Committe meeting Aug 10

Mailing list

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        subscribe BBR_EVENTS
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Old messages can be found by searching here.

To send a message to our mailing list, compose a message to and include the following line in the body of the e-mail:
Distribution: BBR_EVENTS

Next event:

  • BBR Thanksgiving Social Event on Friday, November 20, 2009:

    With the return of cooler weather and early darkness, November's BaBar Social Event is back on campus at SLAC. Featuring a Thanksgiving/fall harvest theme, we will sample Nicole's famous spiced cider and other hot drinks, finger food, cheeses, and other munchies.

    Come join your friends and colleagues as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and catch up with each other. Friends and family members welcome.

    5:00 pm
    Organizers: Nicole Ackerman and Ray Cowan, et al.
    Redwood Conference Rooms A&B
    5 PM Friday, November 20, 2009
    Nicole's famous home-made spiced cider
    Hot and cold drinks (no alcohol this time)
    Finger food and munchies

Future events:

For those who'd like to plan their visits to SLAC so that they overlap with these events, we expect to stick to the 4th Friday of each month whenever possible, +/- 1 week. Check with the organizers first if you plan to travel to SLAC for one of these events and want to know the exact date.

Estimated dates (may change!):
  • December 18, 2009 (possibly, since 25 is Xmas day)
  • Next year!?!?!? Hopefully a "shift signup page" is coming soon...

Past events:

  • BBR Social Event on Friday October 30, 2009:

    6:00 pm
    Organizers: Andy and Joel and Donna et al.
    Joint event with Analysis School & Workshops
    Patio of the Redwood Conference Rooms
    $10 per person- Collected at the event
    Drinks and Dinner
  • BBR Social Event on Friday September 25, 2009:

    5:00 pm
    Organizers: Martin and Arafat
    We will have the BABAR social event on Friday Sep/25 at 5:00 PM.  
    The event will take place at the Sharon park in Monte Rosa Dr, Menlo Park. 
    All BABARians with their families are invited. There will be food and drinks.
  • BBR Social Event on Friday August 28, 2009:

    5:00 pm
    Organizers: Bill and David
     The next BaBar Friday social will be tomorrow - Friday August 28 th, 2009.
     As an experiment, we will try one event off-site, and plan to hold it in the 
     small park just opposite the lab. Turn left out of the lab, and then quickly
     first right, as you drive up the hill towards the freeway. The park is about
     two hundred yards down the road on the left hand side. Turn in, and park. If 
     you can, use the small parking lot on the left - beside a children's play 
     yard. The tables with shade - and tomorrow looks as though it may be hot - 
     are just beyond this area. There are seats, and a nice overlook of a small 
     The usual consumables  -  drinks and snacks  - will be served, and since we are 
     off-site, there will be alcohol.  Good judgment on the consumption of alcoholic 
     beverages in the heat, is advised.      Non-alcoholic beverages will, of course, 
     also be available. Everything on a first-come, first-served basis !
     Hope to see you tomorrow at 5 pm across from SLAC, in the little quiet, park with 
     swans and ducks.
  • BBR Social Event on Friday July 24, 2009:

    5:00 pm
    Organizers: Wenfeng and David
       Time          :       Friday, July 24th, 5:00 pm
       Location      :       Panofsky Grove (next to the Kavli building)
       Topics        :       Trees (not Penguins)
       Food & Drink  :       please, let us know (but no alcohol)
  • BBR Social Event on Friday June 26, 2009:

    ROB patio at 5:00pm (time and place determined in the doodle poll).
    Organizers: Jose, Steve and Wells
  • BBR Social Event on 22 May, 2009:

    SLAC Guest House Patio at 5:00 pm (decision based on doodle poll).
    Organizers: Ingrid and Francois.
    The first BABAR monthly social event will happen on Friday May 22nd starting at 5 pm. 
    The gathering will take place at the patio outside the SLAC Guest House. Beverages and 
    snacks will be served. 
    Please bring along your ideas for topics/fun/entertainment for our future meetings! 
    bfmail message to BBR_EVENTS

Questions? E-mail the organizers and/or the webmaster.