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BABAR Personnel Database Guideline

29 September 2004

The information in the BABAR personnel database is used in the following ways:
  • Contact information for every collaborator & associate
  • BFMAIL distribution lists
  • SLAC Unix account & tape privileges
  • Author lists for publications
  • Statistical purposes (as required by SLAC and the US Dept. of Energy)
  • Determination of membership eligibility & representation on collaboration council
It is the responsibility of each BABAR collaborator & associate to provide correct information for their entry in the database.

To enter a new person into the database, please complete a PEP-II/BABAR Personnel Information form. The Web form will send e-mail to Charlotte Hee for data entry. The two-page form is also available in Postscript or PDF formats, and should be faxed to Charlotte Hee at (650) 926-2657 for data entry. Note that new collaboration members must be approved by the Principal Investigator of their institution, as indicated on the form.

To update your entry in the database, go to the PEP-II/BABAR People Search page, and search for your entry. At the bottom of the entry, you will see a link to update your information.

Please feel free to contact Kathryn Webb if you have questions concerning the database entry/update procedure.

Please send comments on this page to Kathryn Webb