How to check trigger configuration information for any run

To check this for a given data run:
  1. Go to the BaBar E-log web page and use the `List-run' utility to find out what configuration key was used for the run you are interested in. The `ConfigKey' filed in the E-log should give you the key value in HEX. Ex: for Run 67676: ConfigKey is 0x1be8
  2. > cd $BFROOT/detector/trg/config
    > srtpath
    > ambientboot  
    (Note that IR2boot is not accessible from machines outside IR2 and the other database are a bit behind in sweeps so that a very fresh run taken within last 24hrs may not be available from other DBs).
  3. > getTrgConfig configkey
    Example output for Run 67676 is here.
  4. config key default is decimal value, but you can also specify it as hex as e.g. 0x9d0, exactly as what the E-log tabulates it) which should dump out the trigconfig TCF to the screen. To fetch the TCF out of the DB into a local file:
    > getTrgConfig -x  
  5. For a special MC OO database, e.g. Jim Panetta's trigger MC database, there is typically just a single trigge configuration in the DB. In this case, you can check the configuration with:
    > setenv OO_FD_BOOT ~panetta/TRG/BaBar.BOOT
    > cd $BFROOT/detector/trg/config
    > getTrgConfig 
    (Note the getTrgConfig without any argument gives the last used config.)

Last updated on October 3rd, 2007 by Kim Hojeong.