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Configuration Task List

  • Configuration
    1. Tcl vs. DataBase for parameters
      1. Now - Params in TCL, TrackTable in DB
      2. Later - not decided
    2. OEP group (Alex, Yury, and Scott)
      1. Building distributed edit/query GUI
      2. Java GUI: DistObjectTree, DistObjectCorba
    3. Only Config Action
      1. Begin Job
      2. No unconfigure
      3. Config Key in gblPEN - BdbConfigKey
        • OepConfigModule - Online
        • BdbConfigModule - Offline
      4. Task - Anders to do TrackTable in DB
    4. Anders
      1. Look at Cosmics from DCH in Light Assembly Bldg.
      2. Code to take Tagged Containers (TC's), make L1 common blocks, simulate L1, get TSF, and L3 code
      3. Multihit info. in DCH data
    5. Giuliana
      1. OepInputLine (Abs) - exists
      2. OepInputLineC - exists
      3. Factory - exists
      4. Factory C - exists
      5. L3OutputLine - partly done
    6. Rainer
      1. TrgConfigParser - exists
      2. Grammar from GroceryList
      3. Read, Check rules
      4. Generate Iterators
      5. Extend to L1

Tools Task List

  • L3EMC
    1. 1 event OK
    2. phi and energy migrated
    3. Can't test with TC's
    4. Code not protected from event structure
      1. need GpdF interface
      2. need TC's. Message sent to Jason McFall. Need LdG to be aware that Online TC job for EMT, EMC is not done
  • L3Dch
    1. Running Algorithm for TSF/DCH Tagged Containers
      TSF code needs to convert to Interface
      DCH code needs Features
    2. DCH/TSF TC's give spurious events at the moment.
      Wrong cell ID's and incorrect handling of empty events.
  • L3Trigger
    1. Set of tags exists
      Note that test copy hangs
    2. Jim Panetta
      1. Now a Babarian at SLAC!
        He has a working environment, can make test releases
      2. Question: how to handle system administration of workstations
    3. GPDF
      1. Technology exists to do read from Digi to shared memory use by L3
      2. To get to FCTDigi -> TC -> shared memory to L3 we need an event structure for TC's. This is to be done by Sept. 15.

  • Tasks

    • Online/Offline - Rearrangement of Support
      • BdB vs. Oep Conf. Module
    • L1FctDigi from OepFTransition
    • Package - GPDF
    • Compare Grammar/Grocery List/Strawman - Giuliana and Rainer
    • Email Tag List - Anders

    To be done by Aug. 29

    • Ryd - Get Tag list to run in 6.10.6
      Provide a shared memory version of L3
    • GPDF - L1FctDigi < - > OepFTrans.
    • GPDF - Interim Event Structure: Maybe DO
    • GPDF - TC < - > File, File < - > Shared memory
    • Yang - TC -> Interface
    • LdG - Ensure fast turnaround on TC bug fixes for EMC, DCH, and TSF