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Posting documents for Level 3 meetings

Level 3 meetings in 1997 (and beyond) will be conducted either by videoconference or by voice teleconference. Documents and other background material to be made available to meeting participants should be linked to the Level 3 Web page.

In order to do this (preferably at least a day or so in advance of a meeting), either:

  1. Get a SLAC Unix AFS account;
  2. Log in either by logging into a SLAC account or via "klog";
  3. Find the directory "$BFROOT/doc/Trigger/Level3";
  4. Put your ASCII text, HTML, Postscript, or PDF files in the "mtg-yymmdd" subdirectory corresponding to the date of the meeting to which the materials are being presented (e.g., "mtg-970109"), choosing distinctive filenames such as "<yourname>.html". If you have a lot of material, you may create a further subdirectory for your materials, preferably named after you, in the meeting subdirectory;
  5. Add a link or links to your material in the file "$BFROOT/doc/Trigger/Level3/index.html", following the format you'll find in use there; and
  6. Announce your material in the Software Triggers HyperNews group at SLAC.

or, if this is really not possible for you (e.g., due to temporary lack of access to SLAC Unix), you may:

  1. Put your ASCII text, HTML, Postscript, or PDF files somewhere accessible, preferably on the SLAC Unix system; and
  2. Send email with the location of the files to Larry Gladney, who will set up the pointers.

Note that most people's videoconference facilities are not near their offices, so if you post materials less than an hour or so before the meeting there is a good chance that some people won't be able to print them out and bring them along to the meeting.

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