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BABAR Level 3 Trigger

This page, begun in 1997, is provided as a convenient repository for documentation and information on the Level 3 Trigger effort, including the record of Level 3-related meetings.

Contents: [TOP] [Meetings] [HyperNews] [Reviews] [Documents] [Code] [Data Samples] [Trigger] [OEP & Online] [Level 3 Group]

Discussion Forums


E-Mail Addresses of L3 Folk

Level 3 Documents

Selected basic documents (primarily general trigger)

  • BABAR Note 350: Interaction Vertices of Hadrons Produced by Photoproduction of Lost Beam Particle Background Causing Trigger Rates
  • BABAR Note 338: Level 1 Global Trigger Efficiency, Rate and Event Time Jitter Simulation Results -
    (contains November 1996 workshop efficiency requirements updates)
  • Trigger Design Requirements
  • BABAR Technical Design Report - selected chapters:
    Detector Overview [ps], Physics with BABAR [ps], Electronics (including DAQ and trigger) [ps], Computing (including online farm) [ps], Interaction Region and Backgrounds [ps]

Level 3 Software

Level 3 Packages in CVS:

Package TLA Function Responsible person
L3Dch L3D Drift chamber algorithms Alexei Dvoretsky
L3Emc L3E Calorimeter algorithms Rainer Bartoldus
L3Master L3M Steering framework Rainer Bartoldus
L3Sim L3S Simulation sequences Anders Ryd
L3TConfig L3T Configuration Object accessing Alexei Dvoretskii
L3TConfigP L3T L3TConfig Persistent definitions Alexei Dvoretskii
L3TData L3T L3 Data Objects Alexei Dvoretskii
L3TDataP L3T L3TData Persistent definitions Songhoon Yang
L3TDiag L3T Diagnostic routines Jim Panetta
L3TDisplay L3T L3 one event display Jim Panetta
L3TEnv L3T L3 Environment Anders Ryd
L3TFilters L3T Event level Filters Rainer Bartoldus
L3TLumi L3T Luminosity calculation Rainer Bartoldus
L3TModules L3T Various utility modules Rainer Bartoldus
L3TMon L3T OPR/Online monitoring software Jim Panetta
L3TMonTools L3T Html for use in JAS Jim Panetta
L3TOep L3T Digi-TC conversion Jim Panetta
L3TOepSequences L3T Sequences for Digi-TC conversion Jim Panetta
L3TOnline L3T Online format of TC's Jim Panetta
L3TProxy L3T Proxies for Config data Alexei Dvoretskii
L3Trigger L3T Binaries, also T0 estimator Jim Panetta
L3TriggerDb L3T Binary for running L3 on event store Jim Panetta
TrgConfig TRG Trigger Interface Configuration Rainer Bartoldus
TrgLine TRG Abstraction of Lines for TrgConfig Rainer Bartoldus
TrgParser TRG Parsing the TrgConfig format Rainer Bartoldus
TrgProxy TRG Proxies to access trigger configuration Rainer Bartoldus
TrgTags TRG Connect tagbits to L1/L3 Rainer Bartoldus
TrgTools TRG Tools for accessing trigger info. Rainer Bartoldus


OEP and Online

The OEP (Online Event Processing) subsystem of the online provides the framework within which Level 3 will execute, running in the IR-2 farm.

The Level 3 Trigger Group

Meetings and Presentations

(including selected high-level trigger and other meetings)


Level 3 trigger meetings were changed to telephone conferences, beginning with the Jan. 2005 meeting. They will generally be held every Friday from 11:00 to 12:00, Pacific time.

Level 3 is sometimes a topic of discussion in the regular main trigger meetings. Links to those specific meetings will be included below.

[How to post advance material for Level 3 meetings...]

Past, 2005:

Past, 2004:

  • Feb 12: phone meeting 11:30-12:30 PST [ announcement] [agenda & phone instructions] Material: [notes in Trigger directory]
  • Feb 05: phone meeting 11:30-12:30 PST [ announcement] [agenda & phone instructions] Material: [notes in Trigger directory]
  • Jan 22: phone meeting 11:30-12:30 PST [ announcement] [agenda & phone instructions] Material: [notes in Trigger directory]
  • Jan 15: phone meeting 11:30-12:30 PST [ announcement] [agenda & phone instructions] Material: [notes in Trigger directory]

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