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Trigger Statistics Survey

The Trigger Statistics Survey was started in September 2006 to explore possibilities of a tighter L1 Trigger to be used for future high luminosity data taking in Run 6 and beyond. Below you find:


There is a web page with instructions for the survey that explain:
The results from year 2006 (no 1Zk line) are stored under [2006] links, the results from year 2007 with SP9 MC (1Zk line in) are stored under [2007] links. The emulation study has been done on SP9 MC. The results are stored under Emulation1, Emulation2 links. The configuration definitions are here (look for README file):


A number of people from various AWGs have contributed results on the Run 1-5 configurations for the analyses that are listed here. (When a decay mode is given, the recoil side is implied to be generic unless explicitly specified.) A same survey with SP9 on the Run 6 configuration is on-going now (August, 2007).

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Brief minutes of recent meetings and discussion.

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