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RPC Efficiency Results

This page collects informations related to RPC efficiencies computed with cosmics runs.
The algorthm of efficiency calculation is the following:
a) starting from ifr3DClusters list (not inner ones), a linear fit is performed; only clusters reconstructed in a single sector are considered.
b) the number of layers of the track fit is requested to be greater than 7 in both projections;
c) each layer crossed is taken into account only if the 3D cluster has at least one higher and one lower layer with an associated hit (if the layer is on the edges of the detector it is requested that at least one of the two neighbouring layers has an associated hit);
d) cosmics trigger conditions are checked: it is requested that the track has hits in at least 3 trigger layers (for the barrel) or in 4 trigger layers (for the endcaps); this condition is applied starting from 03/20/2002 cosmics runs: previously 4 trigger layers were requested for both barrel end endcaps;
e) looping on the list of 1D clusters belonging to each of the 2D clusters that make up the current 3D cluster, it is checked that there is a 1D cluster in the considered layer whose distance to the point intersected by the track is smaller than 10 cm;
f) for each chamber, efficiency is computed by dividing the number of hits found in this way and the number of tracks crossing it. The error on the efficiency calculation is assumed to be distributed in a binomial way.

RPC efficiency history per chamber
Efficiency history curves: the plots show the history from both cosmics (red points) and collision data (blue).

Plateau Curves per chamber
Plateau curves from last cosmics plateau runs.

RPC Radiographies per chamber
Efficiency radiographies from last cosmics run

Plateau curves for all the available dates are also linked here.
The list of all the cosmics runs taken is available here.