Some information about epics

Information about epics can also be found elsewhere: Make sure you look at some instructions at the bottom of this page.

To steer and monitor the DIRC we have

The two first hardware IOCs are located in rack #07 in the E.H. (bottom and middle crates) whereas drc-gas is on top of the E.H. in rack #38 (where the N2 rotameters are).

The epics production area is /nfs/bbr-srv01/u1/babar/boot/apps, directory to which the environment variable DAPPDIR should be set. Each IOC uses its own package (called epics-drc-mon/hv/gas/soft respectively).

If you look in this directory you should see a structure similar to the example below (situation as of 2006/02/12):

lrwxrwxrwx 1 narnaud  bfactory 17 Oct 4  13:23 drc-soft -> drc-soft-20051004
lrwxrwxrwx 1 thiebaux bfactory 15 Oct 20 13:42 drc-gas -> drc-gas-20Oct05
lrwxrwxrwx 1 wittgen  bfactory 10 Oct 26 13:25 drc-hv -> drc-hv-osi
lrwxrwxrwx 1 narnaud  bfactory 15 Jan 19 13:21 drc-mon -> drc-mon-01Nov05

Indeed, there are several versions of the IOC packages in this area. The ones which are currently used in production are defined in symbolic links pointing to the 'official' names expected by the BaBar epics system: for us, drc-mon, drc-hv, drc-gas and drc-soft.

Changing the version of the code running in an IOC is straightforward: one just needs to change the symbolic link and to reboot the IOC. Yet, this procedure should only be done by the DIRC epics experts (currently Christophe Thiebaux and Nicolas Arnaud) or by ODC experts (Matthias Wittgen in particular).

The IOC logfiles for the current day and for the past week can be found in the /nfs/bbr-nfs01/logfiles/Odc aerea. There is one directory per day which contains one file for each IOC.

Each IOC package contains several directories:

CVS      adl bin  configure db  dl   logs script stl vxWorks.sym
Makefile alh boot data      dbd http perl src    vxWorks

The main ones -- which will be briefly described below -- are found in all such packages.

Useful information

Important instructions:

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