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DIRC principle DIRC Detector Image Collection DIRC principle

The definitive collection of DIRC plots for use in BABAR talks can be found on the Pub Board Page of Official Plots. When in doubt please do not use DIRC detector images from any other source.
This page provides a collection of some images that may be of use to BABAR speakers.

Since the most common tool for preparation of talks appears to be PowerPoint, the images are usually provided in GIF or JPEG format. Whenever available, an eps version for inclusion in, i.e. LaTeX, is also listed. Click on the image type to download the file.

Many people have contributed to the images listed below by taking the photos or creating the drawings, too many to mention individually. So, for now, no individual credits are listed.

If you see a DIRC image that was used in the past, i.e. in the list of recent DIRC talks and posters, and do not see it on this page or if you have a nice DIRC image to add to the collection, please send e-mail to The approval process should typically not take more than a week.

Authoritative & Approved Images

Image description Format 1 Format 2 Date added
Schematic of DIRC principle jpeg eps Feb 5, 2001
Schematic of DIRC mechanical elements gif ppt (annotated)
eps (annotated)
Feb 5, 2001
Schematic of DIRC bar box jpeg eps (b/w) Feb 5, 2001
Photo of HeCd laser internally reflected in DIRC bar jpeg eps 03-13-00
Transverse section of the nominal DIRC bar box imbedded in the CST. gif eps Feb 5, 2001
Elevation view of the nominal DIRC system geometry. gif eps Feb 5, 2001
Display of a di-muon event with two different time cuts. In plot A, all DIRC PMTs with signals within the +-300ns trigger window are shown. In plot B, only those PMTs with signals within 8ns of the expected Cherenkov photon arrival time are displayed. gif A
gif B
eps A
eps B
Feb 5, 2001
Series of photos from DIRC installation  gif   Mar 13, 2000
Photo of DIRC bar box in assembly cleanroom jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
Photo of DIRC bar with attached wedge in assembly cleanroom jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
Photo of the open DIRC stand-off box jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
Photo of backward end of the detector, showing the DIRC stand-off box, magnetic shielding and electronic crates  jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
Photo of DIRC PMT bundle jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
Closeup photo of DIRC PMTs and light-catchers jpeg   Mar 13, 2000
View of event with simulated photon phase space gif   Mar 16, 2000

Jochen Schwiening

Last modified: May 2, 2001