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Babar EMC DAQ System

Links: BaBar - Electronics - Calorimeter Electronics

Contents: [Overview] [Interfaces] [PGS] [ADB] [IOB] [TRB] [EMB] [Control ROM] [EMC ROM] [Prototyping]

Click on a box in the following diagram to go to the description of that part of the system.
Navigation Block Diagram

Unless I receive enough objections, I propose to make these documents available in PDF format only, since this is a very much more reliable format than PostScript. To download a file just click on the words 'PDF' in the appropriate section. If you don't yet have one, you can get Acrobat for Macintosh, Windows, Sun, Aix, HP, PC.

System Overview

This document describes the geometry of the calorimeter and discusses other global issues. It probably should be read first, but it won't tell you everything.
  • PDF 29-Aug-96

There is also a hierarchical set of block diagrams for the DAQ system available.

Details of how the electronics and the mechanics all fits together will be available here:

  • Barrel (not available)
  • End-cap (not available)

Environmental Monitoring

This document describes the EMC environmental monitoring system. It is written and maintained by Tom Meyer of Iowa State University. The link below points to the latest version.

Interface Specification

This document basically lists the interfaces that exist in the system, both internal and external, and points you to the document that contains information about each interface.
  • PDF 29-Aug-96

Powering, Grounding and Shielding Plan

This document contains information about the scheme for powering the electronics (including power consumption), grounding and shielding it.
  • PDF 17-Jan-97

The following documents are the specifications for power supplies and power cable that firms are quoting against.

ADC Board (ADB)

This document describes the functionality of the ADC Board (ADB). The same ADB is used in the barrel and the end-cap. Read this document in conjunction with the description of the I/O Board.
  • PDF 19-May-97

Details of the CARE chip are available too.

I/O Board (IOB)

This document describes the functionality of the I/O Boards. Different versions are needed for the barrel (BIOB) and end-cap (EIOB). This document covers both versions. It needs to be read in conjunction with the description of the ADC Board.
  • PDF 19-May-97

Tests have also been performed on the interface chips that will be used for driving the ELINK. Read all about the results here.

Transition Board (TRB)

This document is maintained by Dave Price of Imperial College. It describes the functionality of the transition Board (TRB). This is the interface between the fibre-optics from the FCS and the electrical interface of the IOB.
  • PDF (not available)

EMC DAQ Personality Module (PM)

We use the BaBar standard DAQ Read Out Module (etc.) as our interface to the DAQ system. Information about this module can be found elsewhere.

This document describes the functionality of the EMC specific personality module for the DAQ board (PM). The EMC DAQ module interfaces the untriggered stream of data from the detector to the Readout Module and generates trigger primitives.

  • PDF 23-Jun-97

BaBar Standard DAQ Personality Module

The EMC uses the BaBar standard personality module and DAQ board for interfacing to the fast control system and driving the C and D-LINKs to the front-end.

A BaBar Note is available here that explains the fast control system to the detector.


The following documents are available that document work in progress on the Single Channel Demonstrator.

A description of the RAL2302 module (VME to Fibre interface).

  • PDF 24-Sep-96

A BaBar note on the SCD programme.

Last Revised 23-Jun-97 by John Dowdell (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK)