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Minutes of the 05/05/95 meeting on DCH software

Introductory remarks (D. MacFarlane, McGill)

Dear Colleagues,

Following delays introduced by travel and various Tech/Exec Board
meetings, the following is a belated summary of the DC software
organizational meeting held on May 5th.

1. Software task organization

Following some discussion, there was general agreement about the
broad categories of tasks before us:

Data storage, online systems, reconstruction, simulation,
calibration, and monitoring;

where the largest overlap was seen between monitoring and online,
which might be amalgamated. Each of these tasks was seen as the
central activity of a small informal cluster of contributors. In
addition to the close couplings between elements of these tasks, the
overlap between SVT and DC tracking efforts was emphasized as an area
where close cooperation was required. Likewise, overlaps between
online, calibration and monitoring, with electronics and trigger were

There was general agreement that the overall DC software effort
should be organized by a software coordinator or coordinators, with
some preference for two given the size of the effort required. Issues
such as architecture and quality assurance were seen as particular
responsibilities for these individuals, in addition to the
organizational and coordination aspects of the jobs.

The use of the DC Prototype II as a test bed for software, in
addition to its role as a drift system and mechanical prototype, was
also discussed, Considerable interest exists at SLAC in pursuing this
aspect of the development.

2. Mechanism for identifying coordinators

A search committee was established for identifying the DC software
coordinators consisting of: dbm, Janis McKenna, Adam Boyarski, Tom
Glanzman, and Bill Ford. This committee will identify appropriate
candidates for the software coordination, and make a recommendation
to the DC group. This committee will be meeting shortly to proceed
with its charge.

In addition, the DC group was asked to nominate a representative to
the Computing System search committee for overall Reconstruction and
Simulation Managers. At the meeting, David Coupal was suggested as
that representative. Following further discussion, it was suggested
that Janis McKenna fill this function, in order to provide a wider
geographic mixture to the Computing System's committee, to which
David agreed.

3. A list of interested parties was compiled. A summary of the
response is given below, although this is probably not comprehensive.

Person            Interest

Adam Boyarski     Architecture
David Britton     Reconstruction, simulation
David Coupal      Simulation, calibration
Ray Cowan         Data storage, reconstruction, simulation
Bill Ford         Track fitting, vertexing
Tom Glazman       Primarily online, secondary interest in all
Fred Kral         Reconstruction, simulation (data storage, trigger)
Gerry Lynch       Reconstruction, data model, architecture
Mark McDougald    Reconstruction, simulation, prototype
Janis McKenna     Prototype for now
Peter Michaux     Prototype
Dale Pitman       Prototype/reconstruction, simulation
Hwanbae Park      Reconstruction, calibration
Frank Porter      All, data model
David Quarrie     All
Tricia Rankin     Reconstruction, calibration
Jean Roy          Reconstruction, calibration
Jim Smith         Reconstruction, calibration
Art Snyder        Reconstruction, simulation
Eric Soderstron   Prototype, online, simulation
Bernhard Spaan    All, architecture
Steve Wagner      Reconstruction
Joe White         Prototype
Richard Yamamoto  Online, calibration, monitoring

(If I have missed someone, please get in touch.)



Not presented:

Status of select DCH software issues (F. Kral, LBL)