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Procedure Source Date/Version
What to do if there is a DCh gas alarm
What to do if there is a DCh chiller alarm
Recovering From a Gas Alarm DOC 1999-4-7
Gas System Alarm Checklist DOC 2006-12-12
Gas System Chiller Alarm Checklist DOC 2004-10-05
Nanoautomate Certification Procedure DOC 1999-4-20
Access Checklist: Permit-Required Confined Space DOC 1999-4-7
Access Checklist: Confined Space Permit NOT Required DOC 1999-4-7
Lock-and-Tag: Drift Chamber Electronics Power Supply DOC 1999-4-1
Lock Procedure: Drift Chamber High Voltage Supply DOC 1999-4-1


Maintenance & Inspection

Source Date/Version
Daily Checklist DOC 1998-10-15
Isobutane Tank Record DOC 1999-4-21
Inspection and Calibration of DCh HAD Sensors DOC 1999-7-5
Calibration of HAD Sensor in Return Line DOC 1999-7-5
Calibration of the Gas Analyzers DOC
Calibration of the Isobutane Analyzer DOC 2002-1-24
Regenerating a Molecular Sieve on the O2 Removal System DOC
Testing a New Bottle of Isobutane DOC 1999-7-14
Testing the Drift Chamber for leaks DOC 2002-2-7


Operational State Transitions

Source Date/Version
Initial Checkout (set system to rest mode) DOC 2006-12-12
Running Mode to Rest (He:Iso) DOC 1999-4-28
Purging Drift Chamber    
Rest (He:Iso) to Rest (Helium) DOC 2002-1-15
Rest (O2 Present) to Rest (Helium) DOC 2002-7-1
Rest (Helium) to Rest (air) (includes filling chamber with air for repairs) DOC 1999-4-7
Restarting Drift Chamber    
Rest (Helium) to Rest (He:Iso) DOC 2002-1-15
Rest (He:Iso) to Running Mode DOC 1999-4-28



Source Date/Version
Normal gas system operating points
Safe ranges of gas system sensors
Gas system alarm conditions
Nanoautomate inputs and outputs
SIAM inputs and outputs
HAD sensor date sheet XLS 1999-4-20
O2 regeneration date sheet XLS 1999-4-20
Gas analyzer date sheet XLS 1999-4-20


System Documentation

Source Date/Version
Chapter 1 Changes to gas system design since September 1998 DOC 1999-4-7
Chapter 2 Responses to HEEC preoperational approval action items DOC 1999-4-7
Chapter 3 Design of the gas system DOC 1999-4-9

Gas system drawing

Chapter 4 Gas system operation and maintenance DOC 1999-4-9
Chapter 5 Gas system alarms and alarm handler (nanoauomate) DOC 2000-10-2

Nanoautomate program certification

DOC 1999-4-20

Gas system alarm checklist

DOC 2006-12-12
Chapter 6 Chiller-electronics cooling safety DOC 1999-4-7

Checklist for cooling system testing

DOC 1999-4-7
Chapter 7 SIAMs DOC 1999-4-18
Chapter 8 Annunciator alarms DOC 1999-4-7

What to do if there is a gas system alarm

What to do if there is a chiller alarm

Chapter 9 Access to drift chamber electronics: confined space DOC 1999-4-7

Access checklist: permit required confined space

DOC 1999-4-7

Access checklist: confined space permit not required

DOC 1999-4-7
Chapter 10 Electrical safety DOC 1999-4-7

Lock and tag for LV power supply

DOC 1999-4-1

Lock off for HV supply

DOC 1999-4-1


Other Documents

Source Date/Version
HEEC preoperational approval
Presentation to HEEC on June 15, 1998
Cover Letter for HEEC review of April 19, 1999 DOC 1999-4-12
HV notice front sheet DOC 1999-4-20
Letter requesting modification of operations procedures for HAD 9 and 10 DOC 2000-8-7
Letter informing HEEC of change to flow switches to monitor N2 bulkhead flow DOC 2000-10-2


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