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System Overview
TNDC Notes
Operations and IR-2 Data Taking
Test & Commissioning
BaBar Prototype II Drift Chamber
Safety Systems
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Mechanical Design
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Notes from [2000][1999][1998][1997][1996][1995]

Princeton Note Series

Notes from 2000

  • TNDC-00-99: Proto II Drift Chamber Efficiency and Noise, A. K. Michael and W. T. Ford (22 July, 1998)

Notes from 1999

  • TNDC-99-98: Global Fit Method for Drift Chamber Distance-Time Function, W.T.Ford (22 May 1999)
  • TNDC-99-97: dE/dx Systematics in the BABAR Drift Chamber, M.Dubrovin, D.Coupal (28 April 1999)
  • TNDC-99-96: Safety Considerations for the Drift Chamber HV System, D.Coupal, D.Nelson (17 Nov 1997)
  • TNDC-99-95: BaBar Drift Chamber Tracking Conventions, G.Lynch, S.Schaffner, S.Wagner, G.Raven, F.Wilson (2 April, 1999)
  • TNDC-99-94: Internal Geometry of the BABAR Drift Chamber, C.Hearty (11 March, 1999)
  • TNDC-99-93: Dip Angle Systematics in the Drift Chamber, V.S.Miftahov (25 Feb, 1999)

Notes from 1998

  • TNDC-98-92: Report on the Status and Analysis of the BaBar Drift Chamber (August Cosmic Run), D.Boutigny, V.Tisserand, C.Hearty, J.McKenna, R.Faccini, G.Raven, F.Wilson, A.K.Michael, W.T.Ford, B.Brau, R.F.Cowan, P.Bloom, R.Seitz, F.Dal Corso, F.Galeazzi, M.Morandin, M.Kelsey, S.Schaffner, A.Tumanov, E.Varnes, D.Coupal, V.Blinov, S.Dolinski, M.Morii, A.Soha, G.Sciolla, S.Wagner, A.Weinstein, C.Brown (23 October 1998)
  • TNDC-98-91: The BaBar Drift chamber Feed-Throughs, J. Harton (not yet published)
  • TNDC-98-90: Accelerated Aging Tests for the BaBar Drift Chamber, J.Harton
  • TNDC-98-89: Study of Temperature Dependence of the Drift Chamber Read Out Electronics, D.Coupal, M. Morii, G. Sciolla (1 Mar 1999)
  • TNDC-98-88: Drift Chamber Front End Assembly Test Bench, M. Morii and G.Sciolla
  • TNDC-98-87: The Drift Chamber Online Calibration Design, M. Morii,  G.Sciolla (not yet published)
  • TNDC-98-86: The Effects of Varying Pressure, Gas Ratio, and Water Content on the Gain of He:Isobutane (80:20), A.O'Neill and C.Hearty (25 June 1998)
  • TNDC-98-85: A Suitable Non-Flammable Gas for Testing the BABAR Drift Chamber, A.O'Neill and C.Hearty (25 June 1998)
  • TNDC-98-84: Amplitude Analysis of Cosmic Runs with BaBar Drift Chamber Prototype-II and dE/dx, Mikhail Dubrovin and David Coupal (20 April 1998)
  • TNDC-98-82: Trigger Efficiency for Cosmic Rays in the BaBar Prototype Drift Chamber, C. Barnes (13 March 1998)
  • TNDC-98-81: Charge Measurement Error Due to Finite Integration Period, S. Gu (5 February 1998)
  • TNDC-98-80: Dependence of Elefant Pedestal and Gain on Temperature and Voltage, A. Bajic (26 January 1998)
  • TNDC-98-79: BaBar Drift Chamber dE/dx Resolution Study Based on Proto-II Data, V. Blinov (19 January 1998)
  • TNDC-98-78: Piping and Gas Pressure in BaBar Drift Chamber, A. Boyarski (Jan 7, 1998)

Notes from 1997

  • TNDC-97-77: Drift Chamber Electronics Reliability Analysis, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (9 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-76: Drift Chamber Trigger I/O Module, J. Dusatko, D. Nelson, and G. Oxoby (7 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-75: Drift Chamber Data I/O Module, J. Dusatko and D. Nelson (8 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-74: BaBar Drift Chamber Electronics Shielding and Grounding Requirements, D. Nelson (4 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-73: Drift Chamber: Specification of the High Voltage System for the BaBar Drift Chamber, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (18 October 1996)
  • TNDC-97-72: Drift Chamber Readout Interface Board, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (5 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-71: Drift Chamber Amplifier-Digitizer Board, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (5 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-70: Drift Chamber Electronics Interface Specifications, D. Nelson and D. Coupal (4 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-69: Drift Chamber Electronics Design Requirements, D. Coupal (4 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-68: Drift Chamber Electronics System Description, D. Coupal (3 December 1997)
  • TNDC-97-67: Drift Chamber Crimp Tool Studies, R. Stoodley and C. Hearty (July 22, 1997)
  • TNDC-97-66: Monitoring Temperature During Drift Chamber Stringing, M.H. Kelsey (27 January 1997)
  • TNDC-97-65: Prototype Amplifier Boards, B. Broomer, E. Erdos, W.T. Ford, H. Krieg, E. Novak, J. Roy, and J.G. Smith (18 October 1996)
  • TNDC-97-64: Drift Chamber Service Boards, B. Broomer, E. Erdos, W.T. Ford, H. Krieg, J. Roy, and J.G. Smith (18 October 1996)
  • TNDC-97-63: Comments on the Effect of Using Higher Resistance Sense Wire, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (January 16, 1997)

Notes from 1996

  • TNDC-96-62: Tests on the Outer Cylinder Sealing Strip, A. Gaddi, M. Morganti, A. Pasqualetti, and F. Raffaelli (December, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-61: Drift Chamber Wire Identification Numbers, M. Kelsey (November 21, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-60: BABAR Drift Chamber Quality Control/Assurance Procedures, M. Kelsey (December 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-59: Feedthrough Production for the BABAR Drift Chamber, J. Harton, R. Romero, and D. Warner (November 15, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-58: Finding Broken Wires in the BABAR Drift Chamber: A Test, D. Coupal, D. Nelson (November 14, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-57: Creep of Aluminum Wire for the BABAR Drift Chamber, W. Wong and C. Hearty (November 13, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-56: Notes on BABAR Gas Mix Tests, R. Openshaw and R. Henderson (November 8, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-55: Evaluation of Adhesives for Use in the BABAR Drift Chamber, W. Wong and C. Hearty (September 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-54: Minimum Time Between Triggers Requirement from Drift Chamber Electronics, D. Coupal (August 14, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-53: Occupancy and Deadtime in the BABAR Drift Chamber Electronics, D. Coupal (August 5, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-52: dE/dx Resolution in BABAR Drift Chamber Edge Cells, A. Bajic (August 14, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-51: BABAR drift gas gain, M. McDougald (November 20,1996)
  • TNDC-96-50: Fast Control Command and Data Formats for the Drift Chamber Electronics System, D. Coupal and D. Nelson (August 2, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-49: Design and Construction of the D.C. Outer Cylinder, A. Gaddi and F. Raffaelli (July 1996)
  • TNDC-96-48: Physical Characteristics of 120mu Gold-Plated Aluminum Wire and Other Drift Chamber Wires, W. Wong and C. Hearty (July 10, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-46: Drift Chamber Assembly Concept, C. Hearty (June 24, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-45: Status of Feedthroughs and Crimping, C. Hearty and D. Warner (June 24, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-44: Initial Assembly Tolerances, C. Hearty (May 14, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-43: BABAR Drift Chamber Wire Tension, C. Hearty (May 20, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-42: Specification of the Space Requirements for the Electronics Cables and Endplate Services for the BABAR Drift Chamber, D. Coupal, D. Coward, D. Nelson (May 10, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-41: The Endplate/Support-Tube Joints, C. Lu, K. McDonald, W. Sands (2.4MB, Apr. 14, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-40: Deep Hole Drilling for the Rear Endplate, K. McDonald (3.5MB, Apr. 13, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-39: First Look at Al/Au and Au/W Wire, C. Lu and K. McDonald (Apr. 11, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-38: The Effect of the Drift Chamber Outer Cylinder On the DIRC Resolution, K. McDonald, E. Prebys (350 kB, Apr. 24, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-36: The Effect of Endplate and Outer Cylinder Material on Calorimeter Efficiency for Photon Detection, H.Marsiske
  • TNDC-96-35: Effect of a Step in the Front Endplate, C. Lu and K. McDonald (1.8MB, Apr. 19, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-34: Assembling and Referencing the Composite Endcone, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-33: Design and Specification of the Drilling Fixture for the Composite Endcone, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-32: Composite Endcone Specifications, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-31: Non-Uniformity of Gas Mixture due to Gravity, A.Boyarski (Apr. 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-30: A Stringing Procedure for the Drift Chamber Prototype, W. P. Wong and C. Hearty (Mar. 22, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-29: The Effect of the Crimping Angle on the Breaking Tension of 80u Wire, W. P. Wong and C. Hearty (Mar. 29, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-28: Some Comments on RF Shielding and Carbon Composites, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-27: Seating the Feedthroughs, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-26-rev2: Update on Mechanical Tolerances in Wire Location, C. Hearty
  • TNDC-96-25: Endcone Deflections, D. Britton (June 3, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-24: Options for the BABAR Drift Chamber Front Endplate, K. McDonald (Mar. 23, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-23: An Analysis of Gas Flow in the BABAR Drift Chamber, K. McDonald (Mar. 5, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-22: Endplates under Pure Tension or Compression, K. McDonald (Feb. 28, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-21: Natural Layout of Carbon Fiber on Cones and Bicones, K. McDonald (Feb. 28, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-20: Should the Drift Chamber Inner Wall be Load Bearing, K. McDonald (Feb. 7, 1996)
  • TNDC-96-19: Effect of Crosstalk on Resolution in the BABAR Drift Chamber, D.Coupal
  • TNDC-96-18: Tolerances in the BABAR Drift Chamber Endplate Pretensioning, C.Hearty
  • TNDC-96-17: Threshold Accuracy in the BABAR Drift Chamber Amplifier/Discriminator, D.Coupal

Notes from 1995

  • TNDC-95-16: Dynamic Range in the BABAR Drift Chamber, D.Coupal
  • TNDC-95-15: Study of Resolution with a Leading Edge Discriminator in the BABAR Drift Chamber, D.Coupal
  • TNDC-95-13: Drift Chamber High Voltage System, D.Nelson
  • TNDC-95-12: Mechanical Toleranes on Endplate Holes and Feedthroughs, C.Hearty
  • TNDC-95-4-rev: Impact of Endplate Deflection and Temperature Changes on Wire Sag and Tension, C.Hearty
  • TNDC-95-3: Comparing Spools of 20micron wire by Luma, M.Poon
  • TNDC-95-2-rev: Impact of Relative Endplate Rotation on Drift Chamber Response, C.Hearty
  • TNDC-95-1: Preliminary Results of Crimping Studies for the BABAR Drift Chamber, M.Poon and C.Hearty


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