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The calorimeter software meetings take place on Wednesdays, biweekly at 9 a.m. (5 p.m. UK, 6 p.m. Central Europe) in the SLAC-2 video conference room (P&E builing 280). If you wish to be connected by phone call the STS conference center at +1-973-321-2000. If you have a touch-tone telephone, you may then connect directly to the teleconference by dialing passcode 107969 followed by the "number sign" ("#") key. Otherwise, you may request the "EMC software meeting moderated by Helmut Marsiske" or the conference with the passcode mentioned above when you are connected to the conference service operator. 

Standing agenda items are:

  • Status of bbsim
  • Status of calibration
  • Status of reconstruction

19.August98 2.September 98 16.September 98 30.September 98 14.October 98
28.October 98 11. November 98 25. November 98 9. December 98 6. January 99
20. January 99 3. February 99 17. February 99 3. March 99 17. March 99
31. March 99 14. April 99 28. April 99 12. May 99 26. May 99
9. June 99 23. June 99 7. July 99 21. July 99 3. August 99

19. August 98 :

2. September 98 :

16. September 98 :

  • Thorsten reported on a broadening of the energy distribution of electrons when changing from bbsim rel 6.0.2 to rel 6.7.5 --&&&&&&> the only major change between the two releases was the introduction of the full source calibration system model - Thorsten will look into this
  • Geometric information from EMC: a proposal (Roland Waldi) --&&&&&&> Roland will implement it and compare it to the standard method
  • update on progress using the swimmer for cosmics (James Weatherall)
  • Helmut Schmuecker reported on a study of the influence of the method of determing the cluster angle (cog, log, NNO) on cluster splitting for photons

30. September 98 :

  • Helmut reported that the broadening of the electron energy distribution that Thorsten found (see last meeting) has its reason in a bug in the dirc geometry description. Unfortunately the faulty gndirc has been used in MDC II.
  • Helmut Schmuecker reported on his studies on cluster splitting. plots

14. October 98 :

  • simulation

  • Helmut reported that the bug-free version of the DIRC geometry will not be in a release before 7.3.2. If you want to use it in releases before check out gndirc V00-06-00. 
  • calibration 

  • Ralph reported that Vladimir created an EmcOepSequences package which will include the Emc sequences to build an OEP executable. They were succesfull in including the Bhabha calibration accumulation sequence. Also Christos' and Mike's online montoring works. 
    Martin's lightpulser code worked in the OEP too but had problems with the database. He is also working on finding a bug in his fitting algorithm.
    Steve's work on prescaling Bhabhas is almost finshed.
  • reconstruction

  • Naveen released a new version of EmcSim removing a bug that was caused by a CLHEP matrix change in inverting the matrix in the full waveform simulation. 
    Jim will contact Dave Brown to get more information about the swimmer. The swimmer does the updating of the track parameters right but has problems when intersecting between volumes. 
    John reported on finding and removing memory leaks in reco code. 
    Ralph said that in the next release (7.4.0) the status and the Bhabha calibration constants will be loaded automatically in the database and will be filled with initial values. Jim will discuss with Stephen G. where the best place is to put them in for reconstruction. 

28. October 98 :

11. November 98 :

  • Emc Track match running times (John Back) UK link - running track match with single 500 MeV pion events with x10 background Frame files in 6.10.10. 
  • Thorsten made the proposal to reduce the number of lists of candidates on which EmcIdentify is run from 3 (charged, neutral and charged-neutral) to 2 (charged and neutral), because the average time needed by EmcIdentify (10s/event single pion tracks !). This started a long discussion about speed and optimization of the reconstruction software, if it is necessary to do it soon and so on. We need to continue this discussion. 

25. November 98 :

  • bbsim was reorganized, the .cc files were moved to a package EmcSimGeom (Helmut)
  • digi calibration - machinery is in place (Jim)
  • We had a longer discussion about the lists that come out of the reconstruction to the user in Beta. The main questions were how many lists we need and if there should be overlapps allowed between the different lists. The current design allows overlapp and the user needs to check for it.
  • uniformity studies (Jane Tinslay)
  • Bhabha event selection: plots - description of the plots (Steve McMahon)
  • Michael George is working on a event display for the Emc. See his homepage for some first examples. More on displays - see Emc software page.
  • In a short time plots will be available on the web that show the radiation length spent in front of the calorimeter for every angle.
  • WE HAVE THE FIRST DATA ! Yesterday the first crate could be read out. (10 ROMs). The data can be found here. They can be read with the PlayData program from the EmcOepSequences package. See the comments there, but you probably have to check out the head of it from the repo.

9. December 98 :

  • bbsim: Now there is the possibility to misalign the EMC. (Helmut) 
  • When two (TrkReco-)Tracks match the same EmcBump ... 4 pictures of such cases produced with "GraDisplay" (Thorsten Brandt) 

  • - the different cases need further investigation. 
  • Neutral reconstruction: the pi0 and K0s to pi0pi0 case (Christos Touramanis) 

6. January 99:

20. January 99:

3. February 99:

17. February 99: cancelled due to collaboration meeting

3. March 99 :

  • some remarks about cluster splitting & the effect on E/p , Slide1 ,Slide2 (Thorsten Brandt) 
  • some comments on fitting & handling of PDF's; 

  • summary of talk from last PID - workshop .ps , .ppt (Thorsten Brandt) 

17. March 99 :

31. March 99 :

14. April 99 :

  • Helmut presented the top ten list of time consuming Emc modules, work is ongoing to make them faster

28. April 99 : cancelled due to software week

12. May 99 :

26. May 99 :


09. Jun 99 :

21. Jul 99 :

Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn


Created: Sept 7 1998 Last modified: Jul 21 1999