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EMC Software

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Updates: Nov 13 2000 - added links for packages to cvs Web pages

Hot Items
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Calorimeter description and drawings
Changes to Emc software relevant for physics
EMC event displays:
  • Michael George's event display - Look at his homepage for some first examples.
  • Martin Dickopp's event display - How to use it ? - examples: ps - gif
Emc calibration meeting - Weekly on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.
Emc software meeting - Now merged into the weekly calibration meeting . Old meeting page can be found here.
Emc software workshops
Operations Software
OEP Monitoring
OPR Monitoring
Emc Calibration page
General introduction to Emc reconstruction software (EMC Reconstruction Summary for the Software Review April 12-13, 1996)
BaBar reconstruction software - tasks and algorithms I and II (calorimeter memo, Roland Waldi)
EMC, PID, TrackMatching, Associations - some Emc basics (forum contribution)
Contributions to the forum meetings (Emc issues)


BaBar notes:
Particle Identification PID
muon-id (J. Weatherall's talk at 8/20/97)
E/p (John Back's talk 8/19/97)
design of current implementation (EmcPid)
contributions to the forum meetings (Emc issues)
BaBar notes:
Hypernews [HyperNews home | Search | Recent]
Emc software related forums Last seven days' posts to all the forums below
Calibration frames, no frames
Design of the Calorimeter Reconstruction Code frames, no frames
Design of the Common Reconstruction Software frames, no frames
Particle ID frames, no frames
Prompt Reconstruction frames, no frames
Simulation Design and GEANT4 frames, no frames
Code management forums Last seven days' posts to all the Code management forums
Code management and support frames, no frames
Online Releases frames, no frames
Package Coordinators frames, no frames
Package Release Announcements frames, no frames
Software Release Announcements frames, no frames
Simulation (Not up to date)
PostScript plots of the radiation length in front of the ECAL from simulated Geantinos in bbsim 7.4.1 by Sven Menke (Dec 2, 1998)
Radl. versus Theta (10 deg - 150 deg)
Radl. versus Theta (15 deg - 30 deg)
Radl. versus mod(Phi,30 deg) versus Theta (10 deg - 150 deg)
Radl. versus mod(Phi,60 deg) versus Theta (15 deg - 30 deg)
hit mixing - talk by F. Kral - July 25, 1995 with an extra figure on Simulation data flow (original dated July 9, 1995)
A Proposal of simulation hits structure presented by X. Shi on the Calorimeter software video conference July 26, 1995.
Emc simulation page
BaBar simulation homepage
Hit structure changed: the crystals are devided in 8 pieces for which the energy is put into a hit to take into account nonuniformity
reorganization: all .cc were moved to the package EmcSimGeom (Nov 98)
Misalignment is now possible. Aks Helmut for instructions. (Dec 10 98)
EMC Packages

(links to newest release and cvs)

Function Responsible person documentation

(newest package doc directory)

EmcAlign / cvs Classes for EMC alignment Urs Langenegger empty
EmcBgsModules / cvs Bogus Emc simulation John Allison

Nicholas Savvas

EmcCalBhabha / cvs Bhabha calibration Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn html
EmcCalMinI / cvs calibration with minimum ionizing particles James Weatherall empty
EmcCalPi0 / cvs pi0 calibration Akram Khan empty
EmcCalRadBb / cvs radiative Bhabha calibration Johannes Bauer empty
EmcCalRoot / cvs calibration relevant ROOT classes Helmut Marsiske empty
EmcCalib / cvs calibration classes Stephen Gowdy

Phil Strother

EmcCond / cvs persistent classes for conditions database Jordan Nash empty
EmcData / cvs data classes Stephen Gowdy empty
EmcDataP / cvs persistent data classes Stephen Gowdy empty
EmcDigiCalib / cvs digi calibration James Weatherall html
EmcElecCalOnline / cvs electronics calibration Jordan Nash empty
EmcEnv / cvs environment Stephen Gowdy

Phil Strother

EmcEventTag / cvs algorithms to tag the event type John Back empty
EmcGeom / cvs geometry description Stephen Gowdy empty
EmcGeomP / cvs persistent geometry classes Stephen Gowdy empty
EmcGra / cvs graphic Serge Du empty
EmcHwDb / cvs hardware database Jordan Nash

Roland Martin

EmcLPCalOnline / cvs lightpulser monitoring and calibration Martin Dickopp empty
EmcLPSim / cvs simulate Emc Lightpulser events Martin Dickopp empty
EmcOdfTPC / cvs   Jordan Nash empty
EmcOdfUPC / cvs files used in the UPC ROMS Jordan Nash empty
EmcOep / cvs Online Event Processing software Jordan Nash empty
EmcOepCalib / cvs histogram EMC UPC Rom calibration data Jordan Nash empty
EmcOepMon / cvs Oep monitoring Helmut Marsiske empty
EmcOepSequences / cvs Oep framework sequences for thousand different things Vladimir Savinov empty
EmcOnline / cvs general online software Jordan Nash empty
EmcOpr / cvs   Urs Langenegger empty
EmcOprCalib / cvs Classes for EMC data stream calibration in OPR Urs Langenegger empty
EmcOprMon / cvs Classes for EMC monitoring in OPR Urs Langenegger empty
EmcPhotonFinder / cvs find photons Sven Menke empty
EmcPid / cvs particle ID classes and modules James Weatherall empty
EmcProxy / cvs Emc proxies and DB-loading code Helmut Marsiske empty
EmcReco / cvs reconstruction John Back empty
EmcSequence / cvs Emc sequences for sim,reco and PID Helmut Marsiske empty
EmcSim / cvs simulation Phil Strother empty
EmcSimGeom / cvs C++ geometry package for EMC John Allison empty
EmcSimGeomP / cvs persistent classes and proxies for the Bogus simulation of the EMC John Allison empty
EmcSrcCalApps / cvs source calibration binaries Matthew Weaver empty
EmcSrcCalOnline / cvs source calibration Matthew Weaver empty
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Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn

Created: Sept 7 1998 Last modified: Nov 13 2000