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EMC Monitoring Main Window

    Dictionary (What the hell does that mean ??!!)
  1. EMB: Environment Monitoring Board.
  2. GMB: General Monitoring Board.
    Properly configured they are used to monitor temperatures (TMB) , Low Voltages (LVMB).
  3. RMB: RadFet Monitoring Board.  Similar to the GMB it is used in the EMC to read  the  radiation monitors (RadFet).
  4. IOB: Input Output Board.
  5. LV PS : Low Voltage Power Supply .
  6. Fluor: Fluorinert Chiller cooling the crystal diodes and the electronics.
  7. Water: The barrel calorimeter electronics is cooled by a water chiller in addition to the fluorinert chiller .
  8. TEMPS: stands for crystal temperatures.
  9. TRB LV: Transmission Boards Low Voltage.
  10. NSOURCE: Neutron Source used for calibration ( activation of the Fluorinert coolant ).
  11. DIODE PS: Photodiodes Bias Voltage.
  12. EC: EndCap.
  13. BF: Barrel Forward.
  14. BB: Barrel Backward.
  15. t.b.i  ( to be implemented ).
    General Organization of the Epics Monitoring Screen.
  1.  Each button on the screen pops up another DISPLAY screen.  
  1. The screen is divided in 4 colums corresponding to the 4 independant CAN bus used read the GMBs.

  2. 1)  CAN0  /  BARREL BACKWARD (left column) is reading the  Barrel Backward EMBs, Low Voltage Power Supplies parameters, Barrel  Crystal Temperatures and Barrel RadFets.
    2)  CAN1  /  BARREL FORWARD  (2nd column starting from the left)  is reading  Barrel Forward EMBs,  Low Volatge Power Supplies parameters and the Neutron Source parameters ( t.b.i.).
    3)  CAN2  /  END CAP ( 3rd column starting from the left)  is reading EndCap EMBs,  Low Volatge Power Supplies Parameters, RadFets and temperatures.
    4)  CAN3 / GENERAL ( last column). Thhis one for the moment has only one radFet under it's supervision. It will soon read the Chiller parameters and Light pulser parameters.

    What is critical ?
    The only safety critical Item is the EMC cooling. The SIAM interlock systems takes care of
    the survey of any Chiller problem which would induce overheating in the electronics.
    • SIAM in normal operation the SIAM button is green. If it turns red there is a hardware problem on the cooling system. push the button and determine which sensor gave an alarm. The guidance on each SIAM epics screen will help you resolve the problem.
    Who is in charge of this epics stuff ??
  1. P-A Fischer x4179  pager 849 9108