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Instructions for EMC Expert Shifters
This file is $BFROOT/www/Detector/Calorimeter/Operations/EMC_Shifter.html.
Please feel free to edit the file.

  General Information

  • A shift block begins with the Monday EMC Operations meeting (to understand the ongoing issues) and ends with a summary report (email to, or preferably a verbal report to the meeting) during the operations meeting the following week.
  • Daily checks of the EMC data quality are very important in the EMC group. It alerts experts to problems that may have been missed by the DQM shifter (who will not in general be an EMC expert), and can provide valuable extra information when problems are uncovered further up the processing chain. Your shifts/contributions are highly welcome.


  OEP Monitoring

    If you're unfamiliar with the OEP plots, have a look at the reference guide. This is the major part of your daily report.

  XTal Energy Spectra Monitoring

    Details of what to look for are being prepared. In the meantime, take a look at the XTal Energy Spectra Monitoring page and note anything of concern in your report. The monitoring page is prepared once daily, so you only need to do this once a day.

  Lightpulser Calibration Results

    The almost-daily lightpulser calibration is a part of the central calibration performed by the pilot. Do have a look at the Summary plots from the latest calibration as well as the Differences to the last LP run (link at the bottom of the same webpage). Systematic differences from day to day should be logged on the Daily Report page. Anything else that seems odd to you should be reported on the Daily Report.

  Daily Report

    First, have a look at what the previous shifter has written and get a feel for what's going on and see how to file a report.

  1. Copy a template to your directory (obviously you want the latest one and not the old one indicated here)
    %cp $BFROOT/www/Detector/Calorimeter/Operations/ShiftReport/20031019.html myreport.html
  2. Edit myreport.html following the format already in the report by the previous shifter.
  3. Make a copy and move it to report repository using today's date:
    %cp myreport.html $BFROOT/www/Detector/Calorimeter/Operations/ShiftReport/YYYYMMDD.html
    where YYYYMMDD is today's date.
  4. Edit $BFROOT/www/Detector/ Calorimeter/Operations/ShiftReport/index.html to make an entry for your report.
  5. Don't mess up files in the repository. You can prepare your next report based on myreport.html in your personal directory.

If you have any doubt, contact the EMC commissioner as soon as possible.

Contact EMC Operations Manager
Last Update by Jong (06/27/07)