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BABAR Machine Detector Interface Home Page

This page is an entry point for more information about the Machine Detector Interface Activities.


MDI meetings are held on Fridays at 08:30 at the Red Slate Conference room in building 280.

PEP-II Data Analysis:

  • Informations on how to access the PEP-II data can be found here.
  • Description of some useful background related variables.

Detector Informations:

Machine Informations:

Links to MDI Analysis:

Publications and Bibliography:

  • MDI contributions to EPAC06:
  • MOPLS026 - Monitoring of Interaction Point Parameters Using the 3-Dimensional Luminosity Distribution Measured at PEP-II: paper, poster.
  • MOPLS050 - Combined Phase Space Characterization at the PEP-II IP using Single Beam and Luminous Region Measurements: paper, poster.
  • TUPCH108 - Characterization of the PEP-II Colliding Beam Phase Space by the Boost Method: paper, poster.
  • Contributions to the EPAC05 Conference.
  • Machine References:
  • Luminosity Upgrade Possibilities for the PEP-II B Factory. By John T. Seeman, Michael Sullivan (SLAC),. SLAC-PUB-9752, Jun 1998. Prepared for 6th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 98), Stockholm, Sweden, 22-26 Jun 1998. Published in *Stockholm 1998, EPAC 98* 421-423
  • B Factory Interaction Region Design. By M. Sullivan (SLAC),. SLAC-PUB-7563, SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-97-18, Jun 1997. 5pp. Talk given at 17th IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 97): Accelerator Science, Technology and Applications, Vancouver, Canada, 12-16 May 1997. Published in *Vancouver 1997, Particle Accelerator, vol. 1* 296-300
  • Synchrotron Radiation Rates for the Commissioning HER IR. By M.K. Sullivan (SLAC),. SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-97-23, Jul 1997. 7pp.
  • The Accelerator - Detector Interface at an E+ E- Factory. By M.K. Sullivan (SLAC),. SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-96-19, Jul 1996. 12pp. Talk given at Beijing Tau - Charm Factory Workshop 96, Beijing, P.R. China, 5-10 Feb 1996.
  • Interaction Region Design at the PEP-II B Factory. M. Sullivan et al.. SLAC-PUB-7206, LBL-39053, LBNL-39053, UCRL-JC-124395, Jun 1996. 3pp. Talk given at 5th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 96), Sitges, Spain, 10-14 Jun 1996. Published in EPAC 96:460-462 (QCD183:E78:1996)
  • The Beam-Stay-Clear Definition of the PEP-II B Factory. By M. Sullivan, S. Ecklund, J. Seeman, U. Wienands (SLAC), M. Zisman (LBL, Berkeley),. SLAC-PUB-7207, LBNL-39054, Jun 1996. 3pp. Talk given at 5th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 96), Sitges, Spain, 10-14 Jun 1996. Published in EPAC 96:463-465 (QCD183:E78:1996)

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