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BABAR Background Remediation Home Page

Background remediation means to live happily with the " Background Monster" .

Some people have manifestly already succeeded !

(Courtesy of Witold Kozanecki )

Coordinators : Guy Wormser, Adrian McKemey

Quick Links

Background remediation Home pages for Systems:


  • Creation of the Background Remediation Group :19/11/98
  • Goals: Determine the maximum permanent background level that allows BABAR to operate and performs physics. Make sure that BABAR can provide enough information to monitor the background and protect its subsystems.
  • The people
    • Steering committee : Pat Burchat, Andy Lankford, Terry Geld, Tom Himel, Bob Jacobsen, Iannis Karyotakis, Witold Kozanecki, Adrian McKemey, Tom Mattison, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
    • First meeting : Dec 10. Minutes
    • Meeting January 6, 8.30 am. Minutes
    • Meeting January 19, 2 pm Minutes
    • Meeting March 30, 10 am Minutes
    • Detector contacts :
    • ‘Hardware-oriented’ C. Hast, P. Burchat (SVT) , A. Roodman (DCH) , A. McKemey (EMC), B. Wilson (DRC), H. Band (IFR), T. Liu (Trigger)
    • ‘Offline-oriented‘ N. Kuznetsova, M. Witherell (SVT), R. Stroili (DCH), G. Hamel de Monchenault (DRC), H. Marsiske (EMC), R. Baldini (IFR), F. Kral , L. Galdney(Trigger)
  • The meetings and information channels
    • The Background Remediation Hypernews Forum
    • During the run, some mcc information day by day
    • Background remediation weekly meetings will take place by video/phone on Fridays at 9.30 am (Pacific time). At SLAC, the venue will be the Pom/Flora video conference room. To Join by phone, call (1)973 321-2000, pass code 14198#
    • The video sites are presently : SLAC-2, LBNL, UCSD, CSU, LAL Orsay, Saclay

Special Topics

The January workshop (13-15 January 1999)
  • The talks are available as hyperlinks in the detailed schedule

  • List of Open issues for the workshop
  • Global schedule
  • Detailed schedule
  • Executive summary
  • BABAR as a background detector
    • With exception of the PIN diodes system, all other present background dedicated detectors will be replaced by BABAR. Each BABAR subdetector will have to provide a background monitor signal and a protection signal, to prevent radiation damage. The requirements for these two types of signals are to be found here.

Background versus luminosity optimisation : some info here

The February 22-26 Collaboration meeting

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Dec 11 Detector Operation Agenda Minutes Operation Questionnaire

Dec 15 Forum on background Agenda Minutes

Dec 18 Detector Protection Agenda Minutes Protection Questionaire

Jan 08 Data Taking Agenda Minutes Data Taking questionnaire

Jan 22 Workshop Aftermath Agenda Minutes Workshop Executive Summary

Jan 29 Action Items follow up Agenda Minutes Action Items Assignements

Feb 05 Actions items follow up (2) Agenda Minutes

Feb 12 Action items follow up (3) Agenda Minutes

Feb 19 Action items follow up (4) Agenda Minutes

Mar 05 Collaboration meeting summary Agenda Minutes

Mar 19 EPICS readiness- PRV0 status Agenda Minutes

Mar 26 EPICS readiness- Part 2 Agenda Minutes The training week schedule

Apr 09 Start up preparation (1) Agenda Minutes Action items from the training week

Apr 16 Start up preparation (2) Agenda Minutes

Apr 23 Start up preparation (3) Agenda Minutes

Apr 30 Software week Agenda Documentation

May 7 Start up preparation (4) Agenda Minutes

May 14 First running experience Agenda Minutes

November 23 Initial brainstorming with the PEP-II commissioning group

November 25 preparation of the December 15 Physics/Simulation/reconstruction Forum

Steering Committe meeting minutes (First meeting 10Dec, agenda is here)

Documentation for Meetings

Documentation from the October 1998 Collaboration meeting

Documentation for the Dec 11 meeting : Detector Operation

Documentation for the Dec 15 Forum/Physics/Simulation Meeting

Documentation for Dec 18 Meeting : Detector Protection

Documentation for Jan 8 Meeting : Data taking

SVT (from Al Eisner) : A. Eisner posting

Documentation for Jan 22 Meeting : Workshop aftermath

Workshop Executive Summary

Background vs Luminosity Optimisation

Documentation for Jan 29 Meeting : Actions Items follow-up

Action item followup from Drift Chamber

Documentation for Feb 5 Meeting : Action item follow-up (2)

T. Geld, C. Young : Background Frames production

T. Geld Shielding experiments

Documentation for Feb 12 Meeting : Action item follow-up (3)

G. Wormser Plans for PEP-II liaison team

Documentation for Feb 19 Meeting

Documentation for Collaboration meeting

See under Agenda or under BABAR Web pages

Documentation for March 5 Meeting

G. Wormser Presentation to the Technical Board

The BABAR/PEP-II liaison document

The action item list

The BABAR Background sensors table

Documentation for March 19 Meeting

N. Kuznetsova SVT results from PRV0

M. Zito DIRC results from PRV0

T. Schietinger DCH results from PRV0 (see also Simulation status describing the Q2 bug)

Documentation for March 26 Meeting

The BABAR-PEP-II liaison training week schedule

Documentation for April 9 Meeting

F. Forti SVT plans for damage assessment

A. McKemey EMC plans for damage assessment

Documentation for April 16 Meeting

S. Smith : action items from Apr 13 BABAR-PEP-II meeting

G. Abrams : Update of the BABAR/PEP-II state machine

T. Geld : Update of background sensors table

M. George : Pio resolution and backgrounds

C. Touramanis : pio width in presence of PRV0 backgrounds

J.P. Lees pio width and efficiency in presence of PRV0 background

Documentation for April 23 Meeting

W. Kozanecki : estimates of dose rate in the SVT in the June1999 model

W. Kozanecki relative HER and LER contributions

U. Wienands Schedule for PEP-II/BABAR in May

F. Ferroni : software week agenda

Documentation for the Software (April 30 session)

C. Hast SVT background induced limits

T. Schietinger DVCH backgrounds inuduced limits

G. Wormser backgrounds induced limits summary table

G. Wormser May/August Run strategy

P. Burchat PRV0 background and physics capabilities