The background report

The background report is presented each Friday at the MDI meeting at 8am, where it is discussed with the MDI group and with the background experts of all the subsystems, and again at the Babar PEP meeting at 1:30pm.

In the report is presented information about the data taking and the level of backgrounds in the last two weeks. Some of the plots just show relevant variables as they are stored in the Ambient database, some other plots are produced by subsystem experts making use of those variables and of information about the single subsystems.

To have a look at the plots normally showed in a standard report, click on the links below.

Currents in the rings and luminosity

SVTRAD background plots

Trickle injection quality

Drift Chamber background plots

DIRC background plots

Subdetector occupancies

Trigger rate and deadtime

PEP vacuum

For weekly background reports, see here
last modified by Viola Sordini, April 19 2007