Particle Physics Data Grid (PPDG) project at SLAC

Created: July 23, 1999; last update: October 31, 2001

General Meetings People involved at SLAC
Specific to the PPDG
March 2001 proposal
April 2000 proposal
FY 99 Proposal
PPDG template
Measurement Tools for PPDG Sites
Resource Management
Throughput Performance Tests
WAN monitoring for PPDG
High Speed File Replication

Other Related Sites
Globus at CERN
Grid Forum works on wide area computing and computational grid
Distance Visualization
Probe testbed for HPSS Related Storage Activities, between ORNL and NERSC.

Middleware components
Condor - batch & resource management.
Globus - parallel file copy & authentication.
HPSS - High Performance Storage System.
Objectivity - scalable object database.
SAM - Sequential Access via Metadata.
SRB and MCAT provide access to data sets and resources based on attributes rather than names or physical locations.

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