Measurement Tools for PPDG sites

Created 11/24/99; last update 12/22/99. Owner Les Cottrell

To provide measurements, several tools have already been mentioned including NetLogger, Network Weather Service, IEPM/PingER, Surveyor, throughput measurements and there are others (see for example As Linda Winkler says "the more measurement tools we deploy and use the better our data will be" so we should consider deploying several tools at PPDG and associated sites, since they address different regimes and need to be compared and contrasted to understand how best to use them, and when and where.

As a first step it was useful to find out who is interested in deploying which tools at which sites. As a help I created a table below of some of the above tools that PPDG sites are developing/using etc. today. Develop means ths site is a developer for the project, Monitor means the site is an active monitoring site, Monitoring means the site is monitored by the project, Discuss means the site is discussing with the developers installing the application at the site. The thruput column is a bit vague, I know CERN-Caltech are collaborating on throughput measurements and SLAC is also working with CERN & GSFC on similar measurements. NWS does throughput measurements so maybe those sites should also appear in this column. Another possibility is to use Pathchar or Pchar to measure the bandwidth of the links. Since these tools are rather intrusive and can take a long time to run, maybe this could be done on a monthly basis between all sites.

Site\Project NetLogger NWS     PingER    Surveyor Thruput 
ANL                    Develop Monitor   Monitor 
BNL                            Monitor   Monitor 
CalTech                        Discuss   Interest With CERN 
FNAL                           Develop   Monitor 
JLab                           Monitored 
LBNL         Develop           Monitor 
SDSC                   Develop Discuss   Discuss
SLAC         Installed         Develop   Monitor  With GSFC, CERN, Caltech, IN2P3 
UWisc                  Develop Monitor   Monitor 


The above was discussed at the PPDG voice meeting November 24th and it was agreed to try and get PingER and Surveyor monitors at all PPDG sites.


Guy Almes of ANS is very supportive of locating Surveyor's at PPDG sites, and wrote (Dec 11, 1999) "It would be particularly valuable if we could coordinate the detailed placement of the Surveyor/PingER/etc machines so that these complementary tools are measuring the same paths. I'd like to make sure that we do this particularly for the DoE NGI sites such as LBL."

Julian Bunn provided the contact for CalTech as Bevan Bennett <>

Ian Bird (12/22/99) provided the contact for JLab as Keith Jonak <>.

Stu Loken (12/22/99) reports that Brian Tierney <> is in contact with the Surveyor folks.

Matt Zerkauskas (of ANS/Surveyor) is in contact with the SDSC people and reports (12/22/99) that "Hans-Werner will sponsor, and Jay Dombrowski of SDSC has a reasonable spot so that we are connected at the network edge, and also have access to the roof for GPS."


Warren Matthews is discussing PingER installation with folks at ANL.

Julian Bunn gave the contact for CalTech as Bevan Bennett <>

Ian Bird (12/22/99) provided the contact for JLab as Keith Jonak <>.

Reagan Moore gave Rich Gallup's <> name as a contact for installing PingER at SDSC.

Miron expressed interest for UWisc. The contact is Peter Couvares <>