Beam Delivery, Instrumentation & Backgrounds Working Groups

     Talks solicited for these working groups have been assigned to one of the following sessions:  
               - (semi-plenary) "Detector Issues" Session 3
               - "Detector"  Session 4 on IR & Backgrounds (together with IPBI)
               - "Accelerator" Session 6 on Beam Delivery & IR
               - "Detector" Session 9 on IP Beam Instrumentation (together with IR&Bkgds)


Session 3: Detector Issues (subset of talks; for full
                     list see here)
Thursday, January 8, 8:30-10:30

Chair: N. Graf
Room: Auditorium

9:30 - 9:50 Physics requirements for detectors in the forward region (spatial, angular & energy resolutions as a function of polar angle)
  1. Hermiticity
  2. Electron ID
Graham Wilson, Kansas (ppt)
9:50 - 10:05 Implications for Detector Installation/Running at 2 US Sites: 
  1. CA
  2. IL
Clay Corvin, SLAC  (pdf)



Session 4: IR and Backgrounds
Thursday, January 8, 10:50-12:50

Chair: S. Hertzbach
Room: Auditorium

20 min IR geometry; constraints to forward detectors
  1. LD & SD
  2. Quad support, crossing angle, L*, pair dead cone
  3. Collimation & SR considerations which set angular acceptance around exit aperture for warm/cold designs
Tom Markiewicz, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
30 min Background Studies:
  1. Electron ID in the 0-100 mrad region vs. pile up
  2. Pair backgrounds in forward detector
  3. Radiation environment for beam line elements due to Pairs
  4. Other (as time & interest allow)
      i) Beam Gas
     ii) SR: Core, Halo, mis-steered beam
    iii) Muons
Takashi Maruyama, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
20 min Update on Gamma-gamma to hadrons calculation Tim Barklow, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
20 min Other Crossing Angle vs. No Crossing Angle considerations: Risk to Luminosity
a. Crab Cavity
b.  Solenoid Steering & correction schemes
c.  Old final Doublet
d.  New Final doublet
e.  Solenoid B stability
f.  Solenoid Mechanical Jitter
g. Variations in beamstrahlung energy loss
     and impact on feedback schemes
Peter Tenenbaum, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
30 min Discussion of Multiplicities / Timing Requirements for detector for warm / cold
  1. Dependence on bunch structure & sub-detector readout times
  2. Dependence on beam parameters: weak, basically scales with L
Tom Markiewicz , SLAC (ppt, pdf)



Session 6: Beam Delivery & the Interaction Region
Thursday, January 8, 16:05-18:05

Chair: T. Markiewicz
Room: ROB B

20 min Fundamental Warm/Cold differences vs. Design Choice:
  1. dE/E
  2. E vs. z correlation
  3. Bunch Length
  4. L*
  5. Positron production
  6. Flexibility of parameters for special running
  7. Off-energy running: updated parameter lists(?)
  8. IP1 vs. IP2 Performance
Tor Raubenheimer, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
20 min Review of Jitter stability requirements and stabilization schemes for warm/cold LC designs:
  1. Mechanical
  2. Intertrain
  3. Intratrain
Andrei Seryi, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
20 min FONT-Run 2 results Phil Burrows, QMUL (ppt, pdf)
20 min Beam Delivery Risk Assessment for warm / cold LC Tor Raubenheimer, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
15 min International cooperation on Beam Delivery, Instrumentation & Backgrounds
  1. Mumbai meeting
  2. Montpelier Meeting
  3. Plans for Paris meeting
David Miller, UCL (ppt, pdf)
25 min Discussion ALL



Session 9: Beam Instrumentation and L, E and P Measurements
Friday, January 9, 13:45-15:45

Chair: E. Torrence
Room: ROB D

15 min Test Beam Plans at SLAC End Station A
     a.  identify 1st ESA beam msmts
     b.  need to define ESA beamline config.
     c.  developing LOI into full proposal to
           submit to EPAC in May
Mike Woods, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
15 min Luminosity Spectrum determination Eric Torrence, U. of Oregon (ppt, pdf)
15 min Fast, Rad-Hard Gas Cerenkov Luminosity   
     Monitor -- Progress
John Hauptman, Iowa St. (ppt)
Slides from Virgil on SS tubes (ppt)
15 min Polarization updates:
    a.  LCRD proposals
    b.  Laser system for polarimeter
    c.  Backscattered Gamma Measurements
    d.  Transverse Polarization Measurements
    e.   "POWER"
    f.  input for baseline machine config,
         re. polarized e+ and e-e- 
Mike Woods, SLAC (ppt, pdf)
15 min UK BDIR Plans Phil Burrows, QMUL (ppt, pdf)
30 min Discussion: 
    a.  priorities, goals and milestones
    b.  input for technology choice issues
    c.  input for baseline machine config

Also:  Session 8 on "Test Beams" will include a talk by M. Woods on "Beam Instrumentation Tests for the Linear Collider
           using SLAC's A-Line and End Station A" (ppt, pdf)

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BDIR Working Group Summary (Tom Markiewicz)

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