At SLAC, the meeting will be held in the Sierra Room (next to Director's office in Central Lab). 
Call in info: 510-665-5437. Meeting id is 7752

AGENDA    for May 4, 2005 Meeting.  10am PDT

1. EMI issues and possible need for beam tests.
     i) Presentation by Steve Smith on beam-generated EMI. (ppt, pdf)
    ii) Measurements, notes at SPEAR and PEP by Sherwood Parker (folder of memos, figures)
          - memo by P. Wilson, PEP Technote 189, on EMI leakage thru beampipe, 1978.
          - memo by F.J.L., HRS Note 99, on EMI concerns for HRS, 1979.
          - measurement notes at SPEAR (1979.9.24.doc)
          - memo on EMI at SPEAR (1980.04.20.pdf memo with figures 2,3, figures 6,7)
          - EMI test apparatus description (1981.06.23.pdf)
          - memo on EMI problem at HRS (1981.11.18.pdf)
          - memo proposing EMI standards for SLC IR (1982.10.05.pdf)
    iii) Discussion
   For background info see session on Beam RF effects at the January MDI meeting.
     Also see C. Damerell's talk on Vertex Detectors at the ILC, given at LCWS in March.
2. Very Forward Region Detectors.
       i) Presentation by G. White on using BEAMCAL to analyze distributions of pairs to infer
               beam spotsizes, bunch lengths and other beam parameters.  (ppt, pdf)
      ii) Discussion with J. Zhang and U. Nauenberg on design activities for the very forward region
               detectors for SiD.
3.  AOB

Upcoming Regional and International Meetings:

1.  BDIR Workshop at RHUL, June 20-23, 2005.
2.  8th ACFA Workshop, July 11-14, 2005.

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