At SLAC, the meeting will be held in the Sierra Room (next to Director's Office in Central Lab)
Call in info: 510-665-5437. Meeting id is 7752

AGENDA    for August 3, 2005 Meeting.  10am-11am PDT

1.  Snowmass planning: MDI --  Detector WG on IPBI, IR&Bkgds; Accelerator WG4 on Beam Delivery Systems
          - discuss plans for "MDI" sessions, scheduled talks and mini-Working Groups on specific topics
             and questions.  In context of 3 flavors of WGs:  Detector, Accelerator and Detector Concept
          - see Snowmass program
          - send suggestions for talks, discussions, organization to Mike Woods

        Tentative IPBI schedule at Snowmass
        WG4 schedule at Snowmass

2.  References for Snowmass:

  • MDI questions from WWS to be addressed at 1:30 session on 8/17
  • MDI Panel Report
  • ILC Beam Delivery System Pre-Snowmass Baseline Configuration Document (DRAFT)
  • 2-mrad and 20-mrad extraction line configs to be used for Snowmass studies
              - optics decks for 2mrad and 20mrad from Yuri Nosochkov
              - GEANT files for 2mrad and 20mrad from Takashi Maruyama;    
                       (GEANT file format here)
  • Guinea-Pig files of IP collision particle distributions that can be used for Snowmass studies:
  • photons, disrupted electrons, radiative Bhabhas:  files from Takashi
    Notes:  - beamsstrahlung photons are in *photon.dat
                - disrupted electrons are in *beam1.dat
                - radiative Bhabhas are in *compt.dat
                - pairs are in *pair*.dat
                - the 4 ILC collision parameter sets considered here can be distinguished 
                  by n (nominal), p (low beam power), q (low charge option), y(large
                  spot), h (high lumi option) in the naming of the .dat files
  • new 1 TeV high lumi parameters from Andrei Seryi:
         Case 26:  i) head-on and ii) 100-nm vertical offset
         Case 27:  i) head-on and ii) 100-nm vertical offset
    There are single output files (charged beam and photons) and also high statistics results (500 runs) for accurate evaluation of tails of the E distribution of the charged beams.
  • other GP files from Andrei Seryi

3.  Moffeit's quick look at beam distributions for 2mrad (pdf);
          - horizontal spotsize at Compton IP is 8mm rms??  !!  too large to get reasonable Compton signal
          - similar plots for 20mrad extraction line (pdf)

Upcoming Regional and International Meetings:
  1. ALCPG SNOWMASS WORKSHOP, August 14-27, 2005.
  2. NANOBEAM 2005, October 17-21, 2005.
  3. ECFA Vienna Workshop, November 14-17, 2005.


Communications mailing lists/forums:

1.  ILC Machine Working Group 4 (Beam Delivery System), BDS mailing list
2.  ILC World-Wide Study, MDI forum
3.  ALCPG Beam Instrumentation Working Group, lcd-bi archives
4.  SLAC-ESA, beam test mailing list archives