1.  movers
2.  interferometer or laser straight edge (or neither)?
3.  STS-2 seismometer and Hall probe measurements
4.  nanobpm project updates and comparisons:
     some differences between ESA and ATF measurements
            - cylindrical vs rectangular rf bpm cavities
            - emphasis on horizontal chicane and horizontal stability in ESA; emphasis on vertical at ATF
                 (ILC energy spectrometer chicane must be horizontal)
            - higher beam energy in ESA (less sensitivity to stray fields)
            - smaller beam sizes in ATF (closer to ILC)
5.  complete prescription for energy measurement needed, including calibration and additional external
6.  optimizing existing design:
          - is 100-nm BPM stability really needed? Improve design to relax to 0.5-1.0 micron stability?
          - 4-magnet chicane rather than 3-magnet?
          - tolerable angles in BPMs?