Documents and References

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12.  E158 BPM references:
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       vii) Beamline configuration in the alcove between the A-Line and ESA.
      viii) BPM assembly drawing (with X,Y, Q cavities).
        ix) E158 theses by M. Cooke, K. Bega and P. Mastromarino.


     1.  Proposal for ILC Beam Tests using SLAC's ESA,  SLAC ILC Planning Discussion,
               Sept. 22, 2004.
       2.  BPM Spectrometer measurement prescription, Mike Hildreth.  Nov. 3, 2004.
       3.  Energy Chicane design for BPM Spectrometer, Ray Arnold.  Nov. 3, 2004.
       4.  Extraction line design with energy spectrometer, Eric Torrence.  Nov. 3, 2004.

SLAC T-474 (Energy BPM Spectrometer) Meetings and Minutes

1.  September 27, 2004.   AgendaMinutes.
2.  October 21, 2004. 
               Notes from Ray Arnold
Notes from Alexei Liapine.
Measurement Prescription from Mike Hildreth.


Nano-BPM notes and References

 Notes from SLAC, M. Ross
 Notes from the KEK group, T. Tauchi
 ATF Introduction
 ATF Schedule and links to the reports

ATF extraction line ground motion measurements
ATF laser frame for BPMs
nanoBPM analysis (M. Ross)

Precision synchronization(see the middle of the page)


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