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Beam Tests

          SLAC LOI-2003.2   Beam Instrumentation Tests for the Linear Collider using the SLAC A-Line and End Station A.
                                                     October, 2003.
          SLAC T-474.  Test Beam Request for a BPM Energy Spectrometer, M. Hildreth et al., June 2004.
          SLAC T-475.  Test Beam Request for a Synchrotron Stripe Energy Spectrometer, E. Torrence, June 2004.
          SLAC T-476.  Test Beam Request for 3-D and Thin Planar Si Detectors for Beam Profile and Luminosity Monitors. 
                                                     C. Kenney et al., July 2004.


University Program of Accelerator and Detector Research for the Linear Collider


Luminosity-related documentation

Energy-related documentation

Polarization-related documentation

Updated: August 18, 2004