Detector Working Group: IP Beam Instrumentation / IR & Backgrounds

Session Summary (PS) - D. Cinabro

Monday, July 14, 10:55-12:55 

10:55-11:20 IPBI overview (incl. issues for warm/cold machines, e-e-, crossing angle, test beams) (PS)David Cinabro
11:20-11:40 3-d Silicon detector for pair monitor / beam profile (PDF)Hitoshi Yamamoto
11:40-12:00 Beamstrahlung detector (for CESR and LC) (PPT)Mikhail Dubrovin
12:00-12:20 Kink instability and bias for lum-wted energy determination (PPT)Mike Woods
12:20-12:35 Luminosity spectrum studies (PS)David Cinabro
12:35-12:55 Fast gas Cherenkov luminosity detector (PPT)Oleksiy Atramentov

Tuesday, July 15, 4:15-6:15 

4:15-4:35 IR configuration for both the Large Detector (LD) and the Silicon Detector (SD) (PPT)Tom Markiewicz
4:35-4:55 DIMAD simulations for the extraction line energy spectrometer (orig. ppt, updated pdf, torrence pdf) Stan Hertzbach
4:55-5:15 FONT (nano-second feedback to stabilize collisions)Phil Burrows
5:15-5:35 Background updates (PPT)Tom Markiewicz
5:35-5:55 Extraction Line Polarimeter studies (PPT, Oliver PDF)Mike Woods, 
Bill Oliver
5:55-6:15Discussion all

Session convenors: David Cinabro & Mike Woods (IPBI) - email
                                Tom Markiewicz & Stan Hertzbach (IR & Bkgds) - email