Beam Instrumentation/Interaction Region
Working Groups Agenda

4:00 - 6:00 Thursday January 9th

IP Beam Instrumentation Overview E. Torrence 10'
TESLA Machine-Detector Interface K. Buesser 20'
Lausaunne beam energy mini-workshop M. Hildreth 15'
Beamstrahlung detector G. Bonvicini 15'
Fast Gas Cerenkov Calorimeter E. Torrence (for O. Atramentov) 15'
Luminosity Spectrum D. Miller 15'
Beam Instrumentation Working Group discussion All 30'


8:30 - 10:30 Friday January 10th
Beam Diagnostics for test facilities of i) g-g;  ii) polarized e+ source M. Woods 15'
Beam Delivery System Simulation and Detector Backgrounds T. Maruyama 15'
Simulation of Quadrupole Synchrotron Radiation in the MatLiar Environment S. Hertzbach 15'
Feedback on the NanoSecond Timescale - First Results from NLCTA P. Burrows 15'
TRC Report on Machine-Detector Interface T. Raubenheimer 20'
IR Working Group Discussion All 40'


10:30 - 12:00 Friday January 10th
Beam Instrumentation Requirements E. Torrence 30'

Plenary Saturday January 11th

BI/IR Working Groups Report M. Woods 15'

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