AWG on LC Calorimetry 
Papers and Reports

Date Posted
Feb 4, 2003 S. Magill "Comparison of Simulated Analog Versus Digital Energy 
Measurement in a Finely-Segmented Hadron Calorimeter"
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Feb 26, 2003 R. Frey LCWS2002 Proceedings: "Summary of Calorimeter..."  pdf
Jan 15, 2003 R. Frey, et al. LCWS2002 Proceedings: "A Si-W ECal with Integrated Electronics"  pdf
July 15, 2002 R. Frey Calor2002 Proceedings: "Considerations for LC Calorimetry"  pdf
July 15, 2002 R. Frey, et al. Calor2002 Proceedings: "Considerations for a Silicon-tungsten ECal"  pdf

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