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Table 1.2 Update Form

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Table 1.2 Update Form

Pre-linacs, Damping Rings and
Main Linac Parameters - 500 GeV c.m.

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Table 1.2 - 500 GeV Machine Update Information


First stage energy (GeV)
Second stage energy (GeV)
Beam energy to make (GeV)

Damping Rings

pre-damping ring energy (GeV)
damping ring energy (GeV)
Ring circumference (m)

Number of bunches per ring
Bunch length (mm)

Main Linacs

RF frequency (GHz)
Unloaded/loadedgradient (MV/m)
Active two-linac length (km)
Total two-linac length (km)
Total number of klystrons
Total number of modulators
Klystron peak power (MW)
Klystron repetition rate (Hz)

Pulse compression ratio
Pulse compression gain

Number of sections
Section length (m)
a / (range if applicable)
Total AC power to make rf (MW)
Wall plug beam efficiency (%)

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