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Technical Review Committee
Committee Members

Steering Group G. Loew, Chairman
T. Weiland, Secretariat
Reading Committee B. Aune, V. Balakin, H. Edwards, K. Hubner,
E. Paterson, A. Sessler, K. Takata, G. Vignola,
G. Voss, B. Wiik
Injection Systems and Pre-Accelerators M. Yoshioka, Chair
A. Mikhailichenko, Deputy Chair
H. Braun, J.P. Delahaye (CLIC), K. Flottmann, J. Frisch, R. Miller, C. Pagani, L. Rinolfi, J. Rosenzweig, H. Tang, C. Travier, D.A. Yeremian
Damping and Compression Systems J. Rossbach (SBLC), Chair
J. Urakawa, Deputy Chair
S. Chattopadyhay, A. Mikhailichenko, J.P. Potier,
T. Raubenheimer
Linac Technology P. Wilson (NLC), Chair
D. Proch, Deputy Chair
N. Holtkamp, Deputy Chair
G. Caryotakis, T. Higo, H. Mizuno, W. Namkung,
H. Padamsee, R. Palmer, N. Solyak (VLEPP),
G. Westenskow, I. Wilson
Beam Dynamics K. Yokoya (JLC), Chair
A. Mosnier, Deputy Chair
G. Guignard, R. Ruth, R. Wanzenberg
R. Brinkmann (TESLA),Chair
V. Telnov, Deputy Chair
A. Dragt, J. Irwin, O. Napoly, K. Oide, A. Sery,
B. Zotter
Experimentation R. Settles, Chair
T. Markiewicz, Deputy Chair
S. Bertolucci, S. Kawabata, D. Miller, R. Orava,
F. Richard, T. Tauchi, A. Wagner

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