HEP Internet Monitoring Talks

Owner: Les Cottrell (SLAC) Last Update: April 1, 1997

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In the table below are links to available drafts of talks prepared for the afternoon session of the Mini-workshop on HEP and the Internet. The format for these talks is outlined in Profile for HEP Internet Monitoring Talks.

Drafts of Talks for Internet Monitoring
PresenterSiteCountry RepresentedSubject
Les CottrellSLACU.S. SLAC's HEP Internet Monitoring
Alan FlavellGlasgowU.K. UK Particle Physiscs Internet Monitoring
Piroska GieseKFKI-RMKIHungary KFKI-RMKI's HEP Internet Monitoring
Yukio KaritaKEKJapanNetwork Monitoring at KEK
Dean KarlenCarletonCanada HEPnet/Canada Internet Monitoring

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