Question & Answer from HEP Internet Monitoring Talks CHEP97, Berlin April 1997

Note taker: Paul Jeffries; edited by Les Cottrell

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The following are the questions and answers from the afternoon session of the CHEP97 Mini Workshop on HEP and the Internet. This session was focussed on HEP Internet Monitoring.
Michael Ernst's talk:
Harvey Newmann: Given the foreseen bottleneck into ESnet, and since the DFN to ESnet link is well identified and short, it should not be too difficult to upgrade this.
Answer: Yes we should keep this in mind.
Olivier Martin's talk:
Gilles Ferranche: Making measurements from Web servers which may be overloaded is not a good idea.
Answer: It does give insight into whether a WEB server can organise his own service!
Dean Carlen's talk:
John Nash: Why not take a direct link from CanadaNET to the DC POP and bypass the MCI congestion?
Answer: Can you do this at the bandwidths required? ---- General view was that it was worth investigating.
Piroska Giese's talk:
No questions
Russian Talk (Sergei Berezhnev):
No questions.
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