Notes from HEP Internet Monitoring Meeting, CHEP97, Berlin 1997

Note taker: Bill Lidinsky; edited by Les Cottrell

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The following are transcriptions, made by Bill Lidinsky, from the white board used during the final section of the Mini Workshop on HEP & the Internet held before CHEP97, in Berlin April 1997. The purpose of this section of the Workshop was to discuss:


Possible activities that need to be pursued by HEP include: It was agreed to deploy the HEPNRC/SLAC software to critical HEP sites, then gather existing statistics and summarize.

Volunteers to whom HEPNRC will deliver software: CERN (Olivier Martin), KEK (Yukio Karita), TRIUMF (Rene P.), INFN (Cristina), KFKI (Piroska Giese), RAL (Paul Jeffries), DESY (Michael Ernst), MSU (Sergei Bereznhev).

It was also agreed that traceping (Oxford) and/or the Carleton trace tools would be useful for diagnostics, but they are not ready for distribution yet. The authors are encouraged to make the tools available.

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