ICAP98 Scientific Program (Final)

Tuesday (15-9-98)

8.20 - 8.30 am: Welcome & Announcements - Ronald Ruth (SLAC) / Robert Ryne (LANL)

Morning Plenary Session - All Talks 45 mins. Each
S-Tu (Steinbeck-Tuesday): Modeling Challenges in Next-Generation Accelerators
Chair: Ronald Ruth (SLAC)

8.30 -9.15 am Modeling Challenges in the Next Linear Collider Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC)
9.15 -10.00 am Modeling Challenges for the LHC Francesco Ruggiero (CERN)
10.30-11.15 am Modeling Challenges for the Muon Collider Harold Kirk (BNL)
11.15-12.00 pm The DOE Grand Challenge in Computational Accelerator Physics Robert Ryne (LANL)

Afternoon Parallel Focused Sessions
F-Tu (Ferrante-Tuesday): Advanced Accelerator Design & Control
Chair: Martin Lee (SLAC)

1.30 -1.50 pm MERLIN - An (Object-Oriented) Simulation Tool for Linear Colliders Nicholas Walker (DESY)
1.50 -2.10 pm Experience with the CLASSIC Library for MAD Version 9 Christoph Iselin (CERN)
2.10 -2.30 pm LEGO - A Class Library for Particle Accelerator Design and Simulation Yunhai Cai (SLAC)
2.30 -2.50 pm The Standard Exchange Format (SXF) for Accelerator Description Fulvia Pilat (BNL)
2.50 -3.10 pm The Accelerator Description Exchange Format Nikolay Malitsky (Cornell)
3.10 -3.15 pm Comments Martin Lee (SLAC)
3.45 -4.00 pm Matlab-Like Environment for Accelerator Modeling and Simulation Hiroshi Nishimura (LBNL)
4.00 -4.15 pm Experience with Beam Physics Computation in a Control System Environment Elliot McCrory (Fermilab)
4.15 -4.30 pm Expansion of the Control System Constructed by OOP Method Hiroshi Yoshikawa (JSRRI)
4.30 -4.45 pm A Simple Real-Time Beam Tuning Program for the KEKB Injector Linac John Flanagan (KEK)
4.45 -5.00 pm A Universal Postprocessing Toolkit for Accelerator Simulation and Data Analysis Michael Borland (ANL)
5.00 -5.30 pm Discussion Martin Lee/Jeff Corbett (SSRL)

C-Tu (Colton-Tuesday): Modeling of High-Intensity Beam Phenomena
Chair: Robert Ryne (LANL)

1.30 -2.00 pm Models and Simulation of Beam Halo Dynamics in High-Power Proton Linacs Thomas Wangler (LANL)
2.00 -2.25 pm Echoes in High-Energy Stored Beams Patrick Colestock (Fermilab)
2.25 -2.50 pm A Multigrid-Based Approach to Modeling a High-Current Superconducting Linac for Waste Transmutation Paolo Pierini(INFN)
2.50 -3.15 pm Simulation and Observation of the Long Time Evolution of the Longitudinal Instability in a Storage Ring Oliver Boine-Frankenheim (GSI)
3.45 -4.15 pm Analytical Model of Halo Formation Robert Gluckstern (U of Md)
4.15 -4.30 pm Aspects of Longitudinal Halo Dynamics including Nonlinear RF Fields John Barnard (LLNL)
4.30 -4.45 pm Halo Formation in 3D Bunches with Self-Consistent Stationary Distribution Alexei Fedotov (U of Md)
4.45 -5.00 pm New Methods in WARP Dave Grote (LLNL)
5.00 -5.15 pm WARP Simulations of a Space-Charge Dominated Beam in a Dispersive Channel Rami Kishak (U of Md)
5.15 -5.30 pm Discussion Robert Ryne/John Barnard

7.00 - 9.30 pm: Evening Poster Session / Desserts