ICAP98 Scientific Program (Final)

Thursday (17-9-98)

Morning Plenary Session - All Talks 45 mins. Each
S-Th (Steinbeck-Thursday): Status of Computational Accelerator Physics
Chair: Patrick Colestock (Fermilab)

8.30 -9.15 am Modeling of Plasma Accelerators: Meeting the Challenge Warren Mori (UCLA)
9.15 -10.00 am Simulations of Beam-Beam Interaction in Linear Colliders Pisin Chen (SLAC)
10.30-11.15 am Numerical Computations of Wakefields and Impedances by the FIT Method Thomas Weiland (TU-Darmstadt)
11.15-12.00 pm New Method for Klystron Modeling Yong Ho Chin (KEK)

Afternoon Parallel Focused Sessions - All Talks 20 mins. Each
F-Th1 (Ferrante-Thursday 1): Modeling Advanced Accelerator Concepts
Chair: Tom Katsouleas (USC)

1.35 -1.55 pm Simulations of the SLAC E150 Plasma Lens Experiment Pisin Chen (SLAC)
1.55 -2.15 pm Numerical Studies of Wave Excitation in Plasma Channels Brad Shadwick (LBNL)
2.15 -2.35 pm Kinetic Modeling of Intense, Short Laser Pulses in Tenuous Plasmas Thomas Antonsen (U of Md)
2.35 -2.55 pm To Be Determined Viktor Decyk (UCLA)
2.55 -3.15 pm Discussion Tom Katsouleas

F-Th2 (Ferrante-Thursday 2): Beam-Beam Simulations
Chair: John Irwin (SLAC)

3.45 -4.05 pm Simulation of Beam-Beam Tails in e+e- Storage Rings John Irwin (SLAC)
4.05 -4.25 pm Beam-Beam Simulations with the Gaussian Code TRS Miguel Furman (LBNL)
4.25 -4.45 pm ODYSSEUS: A Dynamic Strong-Strong Beam-Beam Simulation for Storage Rings Edwin Anderson (Cornell)
4.45 -5.05 pm Beam-Beam Simulations with GUINEA-PIG Daniel Schulte (CERN)
5.05 -5.25 pm Discussion John Irwin

C-Th1 (Colton-Thursday 1): Computing Wakefield Effects
Chair: Francesco Ruggiero (CERN)

1.35 -1.55 pm Transitions Dynamics of the Wakefields of Ultra Short Bunches Alexandre Novokhatski (TU-Darmstadt)
1.55 -2.15 pm Calculations of the Short-Range Longitudinal Wakefields in the NLC Linac Karl Bane (SLAC)
2.15 -2.35 pm The Surface Roughness Wakefield Effect Martin Timm (TU-Darmstadt)
2.35 -2.55 pm Wake of a Rough Beam Wall Surface Gennady Stupakov (SLAC)
2.55 -3.15 pm On the Slow Microwave Instability Threshold for Electron Storage Rings Boris Podobedov (SLAC)

C-Th2 (Colton-Thursday 2): Particle & Field Simulations
Chair: John Petillo (SAIC)

3.45 -4.05 pm Advanced Electron Multipactor Codes Stanley Humphries (U of NM)
4.05 -4.25 pm Investigations of Beam Instabilities in the Compression Region of Gyrotrons Using Kinetic Theory and PIC Simulations Stefan Illy (ITP-Karlsruhe)
4.25 -4.45 pm Calculation of Impedance for Multiple Waveguide Junction Using Scattering Matrix Formulation Valerie Dolgashev (BINP)
4.45 -5.05 pm The 30 GHz Transfer Structure for the CLIC Study
Antonio Millich (CERN)
5.05 -5.25 pm Field Flatness and Non-Stationary Behavior of the 4x7-Cell TESLA-Superstructure Ursula van Rienen (Rostock U)