ICAP98 Scientific Program (Final)

Poster Session - Steinbeck Lobby (L)

The Poster Session and Dessert Presentation will be held concurrently (150 min.):

Session L-Tu (Lobby-Tuesday):

Poster Paper size - 8'x 4' Horizontal Format

Efficient C++ Library for Differential Algebra Svetlana Shasharina, John Cary (Tech-X)
A Multi-Platform Graphic User Interface for the Marylie Charged Particle Beam Transport Code Michael Lampel (Gillespie Assoc.) et.al
Description and Simulation of RHIC Using the United Accelerator Library (UAL) Fulvia Pilat (BNL)
The CERN/SL XDATAVIEWER: An Interactive Graphical Tool for Data Visualization and Editing Giulio Morpurgo (CERN)
Beam Matching and Nonlinear Delta-f Simulation Studies of High Intensity Beam Propagation in Periodic Focusing Systems Peter Stoltz, Ronald Davidson & Wei-li Lee (PPPL)
Techniques for Robust Nonlinear Delta-f Simulations of Beams Alex Friedman, John Barnard & David Grote (LLNL)
Dynamic Space Charge Calculations for High Intensity Beams in Rings Jeffrey Holmes (ORNL) et.al
Plasma Compensation of Beam-beam Interaction in Muon Collider A. Yashin, K. Lotov & A. Skrinsky (Stanford U)
Modeling Acceleration Schedules for a Recirculating Heavy-Ion Accelerator William Sharp & David Grote (LLNL)
Map Computation from Magnetic Field Data and Application to the LHC High Gradient Quadrupoles M. Venturini, D. Abell & A. Dragt (U of Maryland)
Functional Dependence, Broad-Band Fitting, and Ancillary Conditions David Carey (Fermilab)
Selected Multitasking Aspects of Free Electron Laser (FEL) Simulation Codes Roman Tatchyn (SLAC/SSRL)
Transient Magnetic Field Analysis for the Localization of Electrical Faults in Superconducting Collared Coils Piotr Komorowski & Davide Tommasini (CERN)
New Method for Calculating the Longitudinal Single-Bunch Stability for Electron Beams in Storage Rings B. Podobedov, S. Heifets (SLAC)
New Approach for Calculating the Beam Dynamics Above the Longitudinal Instability Threshold Boris Podobedov, Sam Heifets, Bob Siemann (SLAC)
Analysis of Emittance Growth and Complex Impedance for Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Shielded by Two Parallel Plate Ryoichi Hajima (U. of Tokyo)
Calculation of Eigenmodes in Superconducting Cavities on an APE-100 Supercomputer (SIMD) Using a Software Interface to MAFIA F. Neugebauer (DESY-Zeuthen) & U. van Rienen (Rostock U)
Calculation of the Coupling Between a Waveguide and a Single Cell RF Cavity Derun Li, R. Rimmer, S. Kosta (LBNL)
Investigation of the Impedance and Higher Order Mode Losses for Proposed Beam Pipe Configurations for the HERA Luminosity Upgrade Project Martin Dohlus & Susan Wipf (DESY)
Design of 2*2 DLDS RF Components for JLC Jui-Qing Wang et. al (KEK)
Electromagnetic Modeling of Fast Beam Chopper for SNS Project Sergey Kurennoy (LANL)
PISCESII: 2.5D RF Cavity Code with High Accuracy Y. Iwashita (Kyoto U)
Further Development of a Finite Element Field Solver Eric Nelson, Simon Cooke (LANL)
Conceptual Description of a Novel Finite Element Gun Code Eric Nelson, John Petillo (LANL)
Omega3P: A Parallel Eigensolver for Modeling Large, Complex Cavities Brian McCandless et. al (SLAC)
Tau3P: A Parallel Time Domain Solver to Simulate Large RF Structures Cho Ng et. al (SLAC)
Numerical Methods for Microwave Tubes Simulation Ph. Chevalier & F. Nataf (CNRS)
Progress in Parallelizing XOOPIC P. Mardahl, J. Verboncoeur (UCB)
PIC and Envelope Equation Simulations of the LBNL Plasma Lens Experiment. E. Yu. Backhaus (UC Berkeley) et. al
A Simulation Study of Thermal-Photon and Residual-Gas Scattering in the NLC Beam Delivery System I. Reichel et. al (SLAC)