ICAP98 Scientific Program (Final)

Focused Sessions - Ferrante Room (F) & Colton Room (C)

Session F-Tu (Ferrante-Tuesday): Advanced Accelerator Design & Control
(Time Allocation for Talks - See Tuesday Schedule)

Session Chair: Martin Lee (SLAC) Speaker
MERLIN - An (Object-Oriented) Simulation Tool for Linear Colliders Nicholas Walker (DESY)
Experience with the CLASSIC Library for MAD Version 9 Christoph Iselin (CERN)
LEGO - A Class Library for Particle Accelerator Design and Simulation Yunhai Cai (SLAC)
The Standard Exchange Format (SXF) for Accelerator Description Fulvia Pilat (BNL)
The Accelerator Description Exchange Format Nikolay Malitsky (Cornell U.)
Matlab-Like Environment for Accelerator Modeling and Simulation Hiroshi Nishimura (LBNL)
Experience with Beam Physics Computation in a Control System Environment Elliot McCrory (Fermilab)
Expansion of the Control System Constructed by OOP Method Hiroshi Yoshikawa (JSRRI)
A Simple Real-Time Beam Tuning Program for the KEKB Injector Linac John Flanagan (KEK)
A Universal Postprocessing Toolkit for Accelerator Simulation and Data Analysis Michael Borland (ANL)
Discussion Martin Lee/Jeff Corbett (SSRL)

Session C-Tu (Colton-Tuesday): Modeling of High-Intensity Beam Phenomena
(Time Allocation for Talks - See Tuesday Schedule)

Session Chair: Robert Ryne (LANL) Speaker
Models and Simulation of Beam Halo Dynamics in High-Power Proton Linacs Thomas Wangler (LANL)
Echoes in High-Energy Stored Beams Patrick Colestock (Fermilab)
A Multigrid-Based Approach to Modeling a High-Current Superconducting Linac for Waste Transmutation Paolo Pierini(INFN)
Simulation and Observation of the Long Time Evolution of the Longitudinal Instability in a Storage Ring Oliver Boine-Frankenheim (GSI)
Analytical Model of Halo Formation Robert Gluckstern (U of Md)
Aspects of Longitudinal Halo Dynamics including Nonlinear RF Fields John Barnard (LLNL)
Halo Formation in 3D Bunches with Self-Consistent Stationary Distribution Alexei Fedotov (U of Md)
New Methods in WARP Dave Grote (LLNL)
WARP Simulations of a Space-Charge Dominated Beam in a Dispersive Channel Rami Kishak (U of Md)
Discussion Robert Ryne/John Barnard

Session F-We1 (Ferrante-Wednesday 1): Advances in Electromagnetic Modeling
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: Yong Ho Chin (KEK) Speaker
High-Precision Mode Calculation Using the Perfect Boundary Approximation Technique Thomas Weiland (TU-Darmstadt)
A Rigorous Analysis of Cavity Resonators by Finite Element Method Zoltan Cendes (Ansoft)
An Advanced Electromagnetic Eigenmode Solver for Vacuum Electronic Devices - CTLSS Simon Cooke (SAIC)
On Solving Maxwellian Eigenvalue Problems for Accelerating Cavities Peter Arbenz (ETH-Zurich)
Improved GdfidL with Generalized Diagonal Fillings and Reduced Memory and CPU Requirements Warner Bruns (TU-Berlin)
Optimized Order (OO2) Method for Hemholtz's and Maxwell's Harmonic Equations and Non-Conforming Meshes Frederic Nataf (CNRS)

Session F-We2 (Ferrante-Wednesday 2): Advanced Algorithms & Methods
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: Robert Gluckstern (U of Md) Speaker
Self-Consistent Model for the Beams in Accelerators Alexandre Novokhatski (TU-Darmstadt)
Stochastic Collisional Effects in N-Body Problems Salman Habib (LANL)
Modeling Beams with Elements in Phase Space Eric Nelson (LANL)
Model-Independent Analysis of Beamlines Chun-Xi Wang (SLAC)
Using Symbolic Algebra for the Generation of Orbit Simulation Codes from Hamiltonians Andreas Adelmann (PSI)
Improved A-Priori Error Bounds for Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations Robert Warnock (SLAC)

Session C-We1 (Colton-Wednesday 1): New Software Environments & Libraries
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: Alex Friedman (LLNL) Speaker
SCICHAT - An Application Server for Collaborative Work John Cary (Tech-X)
A Python Interface to WARP in Parallel and Serial Environments Dave Grote (LLNL)
The Framework of United Accelerator Libraries Nikolay Malitsky (Cornell U)
Particle Accelerator Simulation with C++ and the POOMA Framework Timothy Cleland (LANL)
JPP: A Particle Tracking Code with Java Ryoichi Hajima (U of Tokyo)
Implementation of Object-Oriented Design with Fortran Language in Beam Dynamics Studies Ji Qiang (LANL)

Session C-We2 (Colton-Wednesday 2): Graphic Interfaces & Advanced Visualization
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair:George Gillespie (Gillespie Assoc.) Speaker
An Application Framework and Graphic User Interface for Multiple Accelerator Codes Barrey Hill (Gillespie Assoc.)
The GUI for MAPA, An Object-Oreinted Application for Designing and Modeling Particle Accelerators Dave Bruhwiler (Tech-X)
COM Objects and Client/Server Architectures: How to Customize Modern CAD Tools for Use in Accelerator Component Design John DeFord (STAR)
Dynamic Visualization of Instabilities in Time-Dependent PIC Simulations Stefan Illy (ITP-Karlsruhe)
Measurements and Visualization of the Transverse Phase-Space Topology at LEP Giulio Morpurgo (CERN)
Using 3-D Perspectives as a Visualization Tool for Phase Space Data George Gillespie (Gillespie Assoc.)

Session F-Th1 (Ferrante-Thursday 1): Modeling Advanced Accelerator Concepts
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: Tom Katsouleas (USC) Speaker
Simulations of the SLAC E150 Plasma Lens Experiment Pisin Chen (SLAC)
Numerical Studies of Wake Excitation in Plasma Channels Brad Shadwick (LBNL)
Kinetic Modeling of Intense, Short Laser Pulses in Tenuous Plasmas Thomas Antonsen (U of Md)
To Be Determined Viktor Decyk (UCLA)

Session F-Th2 (Ferrante-Thursday 2): Beam-Beam Simulations
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: John Irwin (SLAC) Speaker
Simulation of Beam-Beam Tails in e+e- Storage Rings John Irwin (SLAC)
Beam-Beam Simulations with the Gaussian Code TRS Miguel Furman (LBNL)
ODYSSEUS: A Dynamic Strong-Strong Beam-Beam Simulation for Storage Rings Edwin Anderson (Cornell)
Beam-Beam Simulations with GUINEA-PIG Daniel Schulte (CERN)

Session C-Th1 (Colton-Thursday 1): Computing Wakefield Effects
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: Francesco Ruggiero (CERN) Speaker
Transitions Dynamics of the Wakefields of Ultra Short Bunches Alexandre Novokhatski (TU-Darmstadt)
Calculations of the Short-Range Longitudinal Wakefields in the NLC Linac Karl Bane (SLAC)
The Surface Roughness Wakefield Effect Martin Timm (TU-Darmstadt)
Wake of a Rough Beam Wall Surface Gennady Stupakov (SLAC)
On the Slow Microwave Instability Threshold for Electron Storage Rings Boris Podobedov (SLAC)

Session C-Th2 (Colton-Thursday 2): Particle & Field Simulations
(All Talks 20 mins. Each)

Session Chair: John Petillo (SAIC) Speaker
Advanced Electron Multipactor Codes Stanley Humphries (U of NM)
Investigations of Beam Instabilities in the Compression Region of Gyrotrons Using Kinetic Theory and PIC Simulations Stefan Illy (ITP-Karlsruhe)
Calculation of Impedance for Multiple Waveguide Junction Using Scattering Matrix Formulation Valerie Dolgashev (BINP)
The 30 GHz Transfer Structure for the CLIC Study
Antonio Millich (CERN)
Field Flatness and Non-Stationary Behavior of the 4X7-Cell-Tesla-Superstructure Ursula van Rienen (Rostock U)