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Previous averages can be found on the webpages of the LEP VCB working group and the LEP VUB working group.

Date Update Information Remarks
FPCP 2017 Includes the R(D*) measurement from LHCb presented at FPCP, where the τ is reconstructed into hadronic τ→3πν decay mode.
Moriond EW 2017 Update for R(D*) with hadronic τ decay by Belle presented at ICHEP2016 (arXiv:1612.00529).
Summer 2016 update   common.param Summer 2016 averages
Winter 2016 Update for R(D(*))=BF(B→D(*)τντ)/BF(B→D(*) l νl) with a Belle preliminary result presented at Moriond EW.
EPS-HEP 2015 First average for R(D(*))=BF(B→D(*)τντ)/BF(B→D(*) l νl). All the other averages have not been updated.
Summer 2014/PDG 2014 update   common.param Summer 2014 averages, also used for the PDG2014
PDG 2013 update update   common.param Results used for the PDG2013 update and PDG2014 Vcb and Vub review
End Of Year 2011/PDG 2012 update   common.param End Of Year 2011 averages. Results also used for the PDG2012
End Of Year 2009/Winter 2010 update   common.param End Of Year 2009 averages.
PDG 2010 update   common.param Many new averages. Results used for the PDG 2010
FPCP 2009 update   common.param FPCP09 averages.
ICHEP 2008 update   common.param ICHEP08 averages.
End Of Year 2007 update   common.param Updates with preliminary results which do not appear in the PDG08 averages. Results are included in [arXiv:0808.1297].
PDG 2008 update   common.param Many new averages. Results used for the PDG2008
LP 2007 update   common.param Summer 2007 results
PDG 2007 update   common.param Results used for the PDG07
Summer 2006 update   common.param Preliminary
ICHEP 2006 update   common.param Preliminary
Winter 2006 update   common.param Preliminary
PDG 2006 update   common.param Preliminary 
EPS 2005 update   common.param Preliminary 
Lepton-Photon 2005 update   common.param Preliminary 
Winter 2005 update   common.param Preliminary 
PDG 2005 update   common.param Changes to some BF for PDG web update
Summer 2004 (Beijing) update   common.param Many new Vub results, the averages are still preliminary! 
Winter 2004 update   common.param No new results, but an inclusive Vub average. First version of written documentation 
PDG 2004 update   common.param No substantial change with respect to PDG 2003 
LP 2003 update   common.param New BABAR result on |Vcb| from B0->D*lnu
EPS 2003 update   common.param New CLEO inclusive semileptonic branching ratio  
PDG 2003 update   common.param Changes to D*lnu by exclusion/supercession of old ARGUS and CLEO analyses  
Winter 2003 update   common.param Updates from BABAR for D*lnu and BABAR/Belle for |Vub|  
Summer 2002 update   common.param Migration to new presentation. Information identical to old webpages


Members of the Sub-Group

Experiment Contact Persons
BABAR Concezio Bozzi (LHCb)

Marcello Rotondo

Vera Luth
BELLE Jochen Dingfelder

Christoph Schwanda

Phillip Urquijo

Further contributors:
Marina Artuso (CLEO), Elisabetta Barberio (BELLE), Oliver Buchmueller (CMS, former BABAR), Henning Flaecher (ATLAS, former BABAR), Bob Kowalewski (BABAR, former convener), Heiko Lacker (BABAR, former member), Matthew Jones (CDF, former member), Art Snyder (BABAR)

We gratefully acknowledge the advice of:
Antonio Limosani (BELLE, former convener), and David Lopez Pegna (BABAR, former convener).

You can send a mail to the entire group with the major-domo list hfag-semi@slac.stanford.edu

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