Obtaining an HFLAV computer account at SLAC

Members must obtain an account at SLAC in order to modify the group's AFS resources (CVS repository, web pages). The first step is to complete the online form of the SLAC User's Organization. You need only fill out the required fields. Use the following responses: Once you have been assigned an active SLAC ID number (check using the phonebook), request a SLAC computer account following these guidelines.

On the "SLAC Computer Account Form", request a "Central UNIX" account and write "Join AFS group g-www:g-xorg-hfag" under "Additional instructions or special group requrirements".

Make sure you sign the section "Declaration to be Signed by All Users of SLAC Information Resources".

Send your completed account request form to Tim Gershon (who is serving at "Computer Czar" for these accounts). The easiest way is usually to scan the form and send it by email. If you prefer to send a fax, contact Tim to find the best number to use.

Once your account is setup, you should be able to get an AFS token from any computer with AFS client software installed (not restricted to SLAC computers). To test your account, try the following commands:

This page is maintained by Tim Gershon and was last updated on Jun 2017