1. Introduction
All results and input files are available at 


In the following (in no particular order),  the updates for Winter 2006 
with respect to EPS 2005 (web update) are discussed.

2. Changes to common parameters
We use the updated input  parameters for mixing and lifetimes from the
HFAG winter 2006 update (common.param).

3. New measurements
Measurements that moved from preliminary to published status include
- Belle inclusive Vub Mx hep-ex/0505088   --> Phys.Rev.Lett.95:241801,2005
- BABAR inclusive Vub elq2 hep-ex/0506036 --> Phys.Rev.Lett.95:111801,2005
- BABAR inclusive Vub endpoint hep-ex/0408075 --> Phys.Rev.D73:012006,2006 
- BABAR exclusive Vub untagged hep-ex/0507003 -->  Phys .Rev. D72, 051102 (2005)

The BABAR endpoint analysis has been in published 

One new published measurement of BF(B+/B0 -> X l nu : p > 0.6 GeV/c) is used, namely
(Belle) Phys.Lett.B614:27-,2005.

4. New method for extracting the inclusive Vub average
We introduce a new framework to calculate the inclusive Vub average, Dressed Gluon
Exponentiation as pioneered by Jeppe Andersen and Einan Gardi. 

5. B(B->Xlnu)
In the last update the average for B(B->Xlnu) was calculated as an average over full
branching fractions. These full BFs had been extrapolated from partial BF measurements using
various schemes. Since each partial BF had been measured with a cut on the lepton momentum of
greater than 0.6 GeV/c, it was decided that the measured quantities be averaged to produce a
partial BF average and then to use one scheme to extrapolate to the full BF. In this way
the theory dependent extrapolation is separated from the experimental measurement and
is performed only once on the resultant average partial BF.

For the extrapolation we rely on the OPE-HQET theory approach to inclusive decays, in which
the necessary extrapolation factor (f_c) can be expressed as a function of HQET parameters
(m_b and \mu_\pi^2). These parameters, and thus f_c, are extracted in a global
fit to measurements of moments of semileptonic and radiative B-meson decays (hep-ph/0507253). 
Note that the extrapolation factor is strictly for B->Xclnu, however we checked the effect of
contamination from B->Xulnu and found it to be negligible.

We also list the measurements of the charge separated semileptonic B branching fractions in anticipation
of providing their average in future.

7. Exclusive Vub
HPQCD have updated their calculation of the form factor. We now also include the
quenched lattice QCD result of the APE collaboration. 

8. Exclusive Vcb
The BABAR collaboration have recently submitted a paper (hep-ex/0602023: submitted to PRD)
reporting the measurement of B->D*lnu form factor ratios R1
and R2 and slope parameter rho^2. Currently as per the method reported in the 2000 and 2002 PDG Review
of Particle Physics our average of 2D fit |Vcb|F(1) vs rho^2 relies on R1 and R2 measured by CLEO.
Work is in progress to incorporate the BABAR results into the average.  

9. Feedback

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