|Vub| (BLNP) for the (mx-q2) analyses

The same input parameters mb(SF) and mupi used for the fit to all the independent analyses are used. In this case we just look at (mx-q2) analyses.

|Vub| (BLNP) for the (mX-q2) analyses
Experiment Value [10-3] Parameters References Remarks
BELLE breco (m_{X}, q^{2}) 4.52 +/- 0.39 +/- 0.38 input Phys.Rev.Lett.95:241801,2005 (hep-ex/0505088) mX-q2, BRECO tag
BELLE sim. ann. (m_{X}, q^{2}) 4.23 +/- 0.45 +/- 0.36 input Phys.Rev.Lett.92:101801,2004 (hep-ex/0311048) mX - Q2, tag with annealing method
BABAR (m_{X}, q^{2}) 4.34 +/- 0.28 +/- 0.36 input [arXiv:0708.3702v1] mX-q2, BRECO tag
Average +/- exp +/- (mb,theory) 4.39 +/- 0.23 +/- 0.36 chi2/dof = 0.81/2 (CL = 0.42) Plots: eps pdf gif HQE parameter input from b to c l nu and b to s gamma moments
The full breakdown of the uncertainties on the average |Vub| above is (all errors quoted in percent):

+-3.2stat +-3.1exp +-1.4b2c model +-2.1b2u model +-6.6HQE param +-1.1SF func +-0.7sub SF +-4.3matching +-2.4WA = +-9.8tot

where the errors correspond to the statistics, the experimental systematics, the modeling of b -> c l nu and b -> u l nu decays, the HQE parameters mb and mupi2, the functional form of the SF, the subleading shape functions, the variation of the matching scales, and the Weak Annihilation. No uncertainty is assigned for possible duality violations.