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The co-leaders of HFAG are Alan Schwartz (University of Cincinnati, BELLE) and Tim Gershon (University of Warwick, BABAR/LHCb).
The current members of the HFAG groups are as follows (conveners are listed in magenta ):


The group's web site is hosted at SLAC. You will need an HFAG SLAC account to update web pages.

Email to group members is managed using the following majordomo lists (list managers are listed in parentheses): Refer to this page for general information about using these lists. If you think you should be added to a list, contact the list manager.

Since email to the group will sometimes refer to results that are not yet public, these lists are not open for general subscription and their messages are not archived in a public area.

Code and Input File Management

Averaging code and input files are archived and managed using a CVS repository at SLAC (setenv CVSROOT /afs/slac.stanford.edu/www/xorg/hfag/cvs). You will need an HFAG SLAC account to update files in the repository.

Using CVS To Collaborate on HFAG Papers

Refer to this page for details.
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