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The Heavy Flavor Averaging Group (HFLAV) was established at the May 2002 Flavor Physics and CP Violation Conference (Philadelphia) and continues the LEP Heavy Flavor Steering Group's tradition of providing regular updates to the world averages of heavy flavor quantities.

The group was originally known by the acronym HFAG. In late 2016 the Heavy Flavor Averaging Group established a panel to investigate sensitivities in the community to the name of the group, and in particular the pronunciation of the acronym. A brief report from the panel can be found here. In the light of these findings, the Group adopted the HFLAV acronym in March 2017. During a transitional period, it may be possible to find both acronyms still in usage on the webpages.

The latest averages can be found at

Y. Amhis et al., "Averages of b-hadron, c-hadron, and tau-lepton properties as of summer 2016," arXiv:1612.07233
and online update at http://www.slac.stanford.edu/xorg/hflav

This group is currently organized into seven sub-groups that focus on a different set of heavy flavor measurements:

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