Obtaining a PBF (BFLB) computer account at SLAC




Members must obtain an account at SLAC in order to update the PBF svn repository. The first step is to complete this online form with the SLAC User's Organization. Use the following responses:

  • Your work type: Other

  • Experiment you will be working on: BFLB ==> BFactory Legacy Book

Once you have been assigned an active SLAC ID number (check using the phonebook), request a SLAC computer account following these guidelines.

  • Fax your completed "Declaration to be Signed by All Users of SLAC Information Resources" to the SCS Help Desk at ++1-650-926-4003.

  • On the "SLAC Computer Account Form", request a "Central UNIX" account and write "Join NIS group bflb" under "Additional instructions or special group requirements".

  • Fax your completed account request form to Charlotte Hee (who is serving as "Computer Czar" for these accounts) at ++1-650-926-2221 .