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Theoretical Physics


June 2015
SLAC Theory Group

Theory Faculty, Permanent Staff, Research Associates, Current Long Term Visiting Scientists, and Graduate Students (as well as personal home pages, if available). 

                                                                                           Faculty and Permanent Staff 

Stanley Brodsky (homepage)                                 (650) 926-2644

Michael Peskin (homepage)

Lance Dixon (homepage)
(650) 926-2627

Tom Rizzo


JoAnne Hewett

Eva Silverstein
(650) 926-2630


Stefan Hoeche (homepage)
(650) 926-4433

Alexander Friedland

Shamit Kachru
(650) 926-2587

                   Maria C. Herraez (Admin)




















  James Bjorken (Emeritus)

H. Pierre Noyes (Emeritus)

  Richard Blankenbecler (Emeritus)

Helen Quinn (Emeritus)

  Sidney Drell (Emeritus)

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         Research Associates                                                                                                          

Joshua Berger

Devin Walker

Ian Lewis
HuaXing Zhu

Ye Li
Stefan Prestel

Matthew Dolan
James Sully

Roberto Volpato

                                                Long Term Visiting Scientists

Silvan Kuttimalai                                    

Guillaume Falmagne

Mads Sogaard                      


  • Valentin Hirschi                           


                                                        Graduate Students

Chi Huan-Hang

(650) 926-4463

T. Dylan Rueter


Yu-Ju (Kelly) Chiu

Danje Wenren

Matthew Cahill-Rowley
(650) 926-2266


 Daniel Whalen

 Andrew McLeod

(650) 926-5189

Jong Min Yoon

Ilya Esterlis

Maria C. Herraez